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But also, literally Hitler

Here is an article by a white leftist woman interviewing an American right-winger. It’s interesting immediately in how shocked she is that the guy is likable. What gets me about it is this part: Again, Chris looked genuinely surprised. If … Continue reading

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Well, nuts to you too

This is adapted from a comment I made on Zippy’s blog. The article I wrote that I’m referring to, by the way, is here, and you can comment there or here about it if you’re so inclined. I think it came … Continue reading

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Eh, What’s a Word Between Friends

From a NYT article about Mike Pence attending a production of “Hamilton”: The show’s politics — particularly its celebration of diversity and of the critical role immigrants played in the American Revolution and the early republic — stand in sharp … Continue reading

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Unintentional Existential Comedy

From the Facebook page of Existential Comics (which is actually pretty funny generally): Great point, Existential Comics! The Greatest Generation would never elect a guy like Trump. They’d think he was far too left wing. They like to go for … Continue reading

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The Biggest Problem with WWWtW, The NR, and other right-liberals

They’re wrong. But, They’re smarter than almost everyone else. I think you can trace just about every argument I’ve had down to those two points. The obvious rebuttal is “Well, they think YOU’RE wrong”. Yes, they do. I happen to disagree. … Continue reading

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A Key Issue

I agree with much of the sentiment in this post – strongly, even, and said so in the comments. I stand by those comments; read them in the thread if you wish. But in re-reading the post I think I spotted … Continue reading

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What I Actually Did Election Night

After voting: I went home, put on “The Flash”, and googled the polls every few minutes while steadfastly refusing to watch media coverage. I did have Vox Day’s blog up; since he actually gave a strong prediction for an unexpected … Continue reading

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