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But also, literally Hitler

Here is an article by a white leftist woman interviewing an American right-winger. It’s interesting immediately in how shocked she is that the guy is likable. What gets me about it is this part: Again, Chris looked genuinely surprised. If … Continue reading

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Well, nuts to you too

This is adapted from a comment I made on Zippy’s blog. The article I wrote that I’m referring to, by the way, is here, and you can comment there or here about it if you’re so inclined. I think it came … Continue reading

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Eh, What’s a Word Between Friends

From a NYT article about Mike Pence attending a production of “Hamilton”: The show’s politics — particularly its celebration of diversity and of the critical role immigrants played in the American Revolution and the early republic — stand in sharp … Continue reading

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Unintentional Existential Comedy

From the Facebook page of Existential Comics (which is actually pretty funny generally): Great point, Existential Comics! The Greatest Generation would never elect a guy like Trump. They’d think he was far too left wing. They like to go for … Continue reading

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The Biggest Problem with WWWtW, The NR, and other right-liberals

They’re wrong. But, They’re smarter than almost everyone else. I think you can trace just about every argument I’ve had down to those two points. The obvious rebuttal is “Well, they think YOU’RE wrong”. Yes, they do. I happen to disagree. … Continue reading

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A Key Issue

I agree with much of the sentiment in this post – strongly, even, and said so in the comments. I stand by those comments; read them in the thread if you wish. But in re-reading the post I think I spotted … Continue reading

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What I Actually Did Election Night

After voting: I went home, put on “The Flash”, and googled the polls every few minutes while steadfastly refusing to watch media coverage. I did have Vox Day’s blog up; since he actually gave a strong prediction for an unexpected … Continue reading

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Okay, I can’t resist

It seems as if Hilary will be contesting the vote. And as we all know, this is tantamount to questioning the very foundation of the U.S. government. So clearly Hilary Clinton is willing to start a Civil War. As we … Continue reading

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Something Family Friendly

Yes, I get the arguments for not voting, but yes, I got off the bus at one point for Trump. More study may fully convince me one year to hold off…but not this year. Given the general state of liberal … Continue reading

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One Last Thing, Before Results

I’ve realized now that I’m just getting very bored of rhetoric used against me. Not that it doesn’t bother me; it just tends to frustrate me more than anything else. Yes, yes, I’m a terrible evil moron, but what does … Continue reading

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