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So I Just got Into an Argument on the Eric Garner Thing

Here’s what it comes down to, for me: I do not think illegally selling cigarettes and then pulling your hands back and telling somebody you’re tired of being picked on is sufficient grounds to be put in, if not a … Continue reading

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Issue # 3 is out in Paperback!

Hey everybody! Don’t like e-books? You’re in luck! Issue # 3 of the Sci Phi Journal is now out in paperback for only $7.99! This excellent issue contains my short story “A Quadrillion Occupied Planets”, as well as 5 other … Continue reading

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Project Idea

Involving Wright’s two laws (and there’s the link I mentioned). A really, really cool one, that will involve several people if I can actually get the allies I hope I can. Stay tuned.

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John C. Wright on “The Legend of Korra”

Of course, he’s dead on. For those who don’t know, the creators heavily (from what I heard VERY heavily) implied a lesbian relationship between the title character and a major supporting character. Then, after the episode aired, they came out … Continue reading

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In Defense of the Second Half of BioShock

It was really, really fun. I know BioShock was a game that invited, even encouraged, overthinking, but…don’t overthink of it. The first half, really first 2/3rds, of BioShock was pretty much perfect. The atmosphere (oh, the atmosphere), the combat, the … Continue reading

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As I Write on Christmas Eve…

I write to you now while sitting alone, in my room, on Christmas Eve. Nobody else is in my house; they are returning home from a celebration with family. The fault of this is mine, and mine alone. I stupidly … Continue reading

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Issue 3 is out today!

Get your copy today for four dollars! I’ve finally read through the Journal, and bias aside I can honestly tell you it’s the best one yet. I’m actually a little intimidated by how high the quality of the stories are. … Continue reading

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