Commenting Guidelines

1) Yes, language is allowed, but with major caveats. No insulting people with strong language. Occasional usage will be allowed, but context matters. Use your discretion. If I think it’s too vulgar, I ban it. If you think I’m being hypocritical or you disagree, too bad. No littering your comments with language in a curse-filled rant or anything like that.

Also, there are definitely certain words even I won’t tolerate. If you think I’m being hypocritical about it, sorry. If you’re not sure, don’t bother using it. If you do use it and I think it’s over the line, in the interest of fairness the first time you do this I’ll give you a polite heads up. The second time you do this I’ll give you a real warning and a reminder of the commenting guidelines. The third time, you will be banned. As I said, post at your own discretion, keep context in mind, and if you’re not sure don’t bother. That said, sometimes I’ll allow it, just as I will, sometimes, use it. Got it? Good.

2) Here’s how it works with rudeness. You get two chances. The first time, you get a warning. The second time, I ban you. As I said before, I’m not patient or tolerant. I allow contrary opinions, just don’t be a jerk, all right?

3) If I ask you to stop posting about a certain topic, stop. Stay on topic. If I don’t like the tangent something is going down and tell you that, stop going down that tangent. If, on a single thread, I need to ask you to stay on topic three times, you will be banned, and I think three is being nice. I’ll give you a clean slate and the benefit of the doubt on other threads though, unless this becomes a habit.

4) Spamming gets you banned immediately. Don’t know what constitutes spamming? Use discretion.

5) If you keep repeating the same point over and over despite having been repeatedly responded to, I will ban you, because you are being a troll. I’ll judge on a case by case basis.

6) If I know from past experience that you’re generally a good poster you get more leeway, so yes, I absolutely play favorites. If you think it’s unfair, sorry.

6) A lot of people like the idea of being able to foster an open comments section by allowing comments from people who are either being rude or are repeating the same point obstinately over and over or who are insulting people. I respect such people. It’s a great way to run a blog, because people aren’t scared to post controversial things that might be considered offensive. It fosters discussion. That’s good!

I am not so patient. If you’re being rude, you’re banned. If I have a reason to think you’re a troll, you’re banned. If I want to stop discussing something and you continue to keep bringing it up, you’re banned. No, not immediately-I’ll give a LITTLE leeway. But not a lot. I don’t want to spend energy having pointless arguments and I don’t want to tolerate rude comments.

7) Lest you think I’m a complete monster, sometimes I won’t follow these guidelines to the letter. On certain days I may be more lenient than I normally am and give you more chances, or just delete your comment. Don’t expect this. Consider yourself lucky.

8) Discussion is absolutely allowed. Really, all I’m trying to say is don’t be a jerk about it. Sound good to you? I hope so.

I hope you find the blog interesting

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