What I Actually Did Election Night

After voting:

I went home, put on “The Flash”, and googled the polls every few minutes while steadfastly refusing to watch media coverage. I did have Vox Day’s blog up; since he actually gave a strong prediction for an unexpected result, he and the comments were at least entertaining to read, and I got updates faster (and more accurate) than I would have otherwise besides.

“The Flash” is a lot of fun. There’s a lot of what could be called “blue pill” bullshit in the relationship aspects (Iris is terrible) but it embraces its corny comic book roots so enthusiastically it’s hard to dislike it. We’re talking villains like Captain Cold, the Weather Wizard, Dr. Light, and a telepathic gorilla named Gorilla Grodd. The Flash does things like run really fast to reverse tornadoes and suck away fires by spinning his arms really fast. In season two he learns how to make and throw lightning, and the main villain is called “Zoom”, whose motivation is that he wants to be the fastest man in every multiverse.

It’s just fun, and while it’s obviously blue pill it doesn’t seem to have a direct feminist agenda like “Supergirl”. There’s a a real sincerity to it – the creators obviously love “The Flash” and all his corniness and are trying to do him justice. I recommend it to superhero fans.

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6 Responses to What I Actually Did Election Night

  1. James says:

    I watched Arrow and Legends of Tomorrow and then went to bed. Figured it would all come out in the wash this morning. I was happy not so much that Trump won but that Clinton lost.

    I agree the Flash is a lot of fun. I was a kid in the 1960s, the Silver Age of Comics, and I enjoy these shows through the vision of nostalgia.

    • “Arrow” I haven’t seen enough to have too strong an opinion on but it seems entertaining enough.

      “Legends of Tomorrow” has potential but is flawed, from the couple episodes I’ve seen. Captain Cold, White Canary, Rip Hunter, and the Atom are great. The Hawk People, Vandal Savage, black half of Firestorm, and the heat guy (who’s so unmemorable I forgot his superhero name), not so much. I can take or leave Stein.

      But when it’s good, it’s also a lot of fun.

      • James says:

        They’ve switched out close to have the team, so there’s a different configuration of characters on “Legends”. I’d have to say that “Arrow” and “The Flash” are the best shows, but the others I watch are entertaining in their own right. This isn’t high art, it’s comic book TV.

  2. Jakeithus says:

    Arrow at it’s height was the best, but the Flash has been the most consistently entertaining of the CW Superhero shows (also better than Agents of Shield). I’m behind on this season at this point, but it’s generally just a fun show and really gets the comic book feel. Much better plan than watching election coverage live, when you can get all the news you need more quickly on social media.

  3. Scholar-at-Arms says:

    Iris is the worst. But everything else in the show is pretty strong, particularly the dynamics with Flash and his three different father-figures.

    • I’m surprised to find myself a Cisco fan. I though the character would annoy me but the actor is funny and the writing has so far been just on the right side of obnoxious. Also, he’s a hoot when he starts functioning as an audience surrogate (I loved all the scenes where he mocked Caitlin and Jay Garrick for not hooking up).

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