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Right and Wrong and Right and Wrong…

I’ll cop to being wrong about my post “An Observation”; it seems that even those who express a legitimate issue with the Shield Maiden as role model for women genuinely don’t see Wondie in that precise role. Hey, cool, fine. … Continue reading

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The Societal Vacuum

I want to make it clear that I’m not really responding to anyone specifically so much as trying to explain myself here. I’m not sure how well I’m getting my thought process through. How well “Wonder Woman” works as feminist … Continue reading

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Totally Not a Feminist Movie

I apologize a bit for the snark; people I know who are smart, who are Christian, who I respect, and who think quite a bit like I used to (and assuredly still do on certain things) love and defend “Wonder … Continue reading

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An Observation

I think I hit on something important with “Wonder Woman”. And something scary: The reason conservatives don’t see feminist propaganda in this movie, despite the fact that it is being marketed and promoted as feminist propaganda, is that they genuinly … Continue reading

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Wonder Woman What?

I considered posting this on Superversive SF, but it’s probably too political and too controversial. So here it goes. After having a discussion on Facebook yesterday I woke up today baffled – absolutely baffled – that conservatives could possible defend … Continue reading

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