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Let’s Go One Step Further

From John C. Wright: And those of you who have resisted the sexual revolution and its lies, or who even now are beginning to question the layered system of uproarious falsehoods on which it is built, if you have wondered … Continue reading

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Or you can just read Dr. Feser

Better timing I cannot imagine. Brilliant, as always. Some choice quotes: “Surely you’re not against liberty, equality, and fraternity?!” you ask.  Well, no, not necessarily – depending on what you mean by those terms.  The trouble is that though some … Continue reading

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Yes, There is a Good Equality

With all my (I think deserved) criticism of equality and even human rights as a concept, it isn’t true that their is no way the words can be used correctly. The Catechism of the Catholic Church uses them here: I. … Continue reading

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