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Hijacking the GOP

Apparently Trump has hijacked the GOP. He hijacked it with no army, no weapons, and while breaking no laws. The extent of the hijacking appears to be that people voted for him rather than other Republicans. If that’s what a … Continue reading

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Next for SJW’s to ruin: “A Wrinkle in Time”

Okay, if you don’t know “A Wrinkle in Time”, it’s all white people (here is my retrospective). The main characters have the last names of “Murry” and “O’keefe”. The protagonist, Margaret “Meg” Murry, is red-haired and freckled. Now let’s see … Continue reading

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Quick thoughts on the last debate

I’m avoiding any of the actual facts and sticking to my impressions, since at this point this is really all that matters: Who APPEARED better. Not to mention that everybody is lying through their teeth anyway, though from all appearances … Continue reading

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A Bit on Equality

Pieced from a few comments on John C. Wright’s post. All quotes I’m responding to are John’s. So can a man with an IQ higher than yours simply take the fruits of your labor? But that’s the point. Switching IQ … Continue reading

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Societal Suicide

I have great respect for Tom Simon, possibly more than anybody else I read except for Dr. Feser (with apologies to all you guys). In his best moments, which he manages to hit much more often than not, he has … Continue reading

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It’s still not sexual assault

I have had this blog for long enough now, and trust my readers enough, to be able to get away with saying certain things without qualification or explanation, trusting that my readers will make the required background assumptions for a … Continue reading

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Also, SMBC again

This is both very funny and very sad. Probably more sad. Original here:

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“But it’s just martial arts!”

Okay, to be straight in advance – Yes, I am using this post to try to explain why the “Game is really just martial arts” explanation does not move me. By way of analogy: You go to a martial arts … Continue reading

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Just So You Know the Score

A single, short video of Hilary calling a black woman a “nigger” would be far, far more damaging to her chances of winning this election than another 20,000 e-mails detailing all of the Abortion She-Witch’s various and sundry crimes, most … Continue reading

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Also, I’m Annoying

I’ve been thinking about why my views tend to get such strong reactions from people. I’m generally polite and good-tempered with the people I meet, I’m not a Holocaust denier or 9/11 truther, I’m certainly no anarchist or anything of that … Continue reading

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