But also, literally Hitler

Here is an article by a white leftist woman interviewing an American right-winger. It’s interesting immediately in how shocked she is that the guy is likable. What gets me about it is this part:

Again, Chris looked genuinely surprised.

If there was going to be anger, he said, it would be directed at him, no? For his support of Trump. After all, he’s the one afraid of losing business because of his political beliefs. He’s the one the neighbors called the cops about.

Another example, I said, of how you and I have watched the same election and seen completely different things. I told him a little of how I’d been called things online this year that I had to look up in Urban Dictionary because I wasn’t entirely clear what sexual act I was being told to perform. I told him of the time my son called to warn me not to read the comments on my own story because they were so threatening.

Sure, people are actively telling their children not to trick-or-treat in front of his house, and sure, the cops were called on him for an innocuous Halloween decoration, and sure, he’s worried he’ll lose his business, but people said mean things about this woman online! Does he really not get how that’s pretty much the same thing, except worse because it happened to HER?

Why won’t those uppity crackers just shut up and let the narrative take over, amirite?

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2 Responses to But also, literally Hitler

  1. jilldomschot says:

    I can’t believe he agreed to the interview, putting himself at the mercy of a journalist who wants to think the worst of him from the start. Hopefully, he’ll be wiser next time. His Twitter acct is now private. Yeah, I just went and looked.

    • Crude says:

      I suspect a lot of people get taken by the nice, polite act many journalists put on, saying they just want to hear someone else’s side of the story.

      I like how the gab.ai CEO responded to Mother Jones asking for priority access so they could observe the culture, conduct an interview and write an article: ‘Wait two weeks like everyone else. We don’t do interviews with fake news sites.’

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