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My Version of the Parable

Three men prayed in an otherwise empty Chuch. One, sitting in a pew, went down onto his knees, quiet, head bowed. He spoke to Christ, but with his voice low. God commended this man as good. This was the kneeling … Continue reading

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In Other News…

Just auditioned for Hamlet and utterly bombed. Blanked on my monologue, sputtered and had to look at my phone. Just terrible. Got a callback. Cool!

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I will say that this is probably the best and more careful argument I’ve seen Mr. Wright write about his point of view on authority. And some of it seems to be a fair attempt to argue the superiority of … Continue reading

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No, There’s No Equality Before God Either

Get ready, kids. This one is gonna be fun. Let us consider me: I am a middle class white suburbanite. I had an excellent childhood with a loving family, was raised in a Catholic home, and went to a Catholic … Continue reading

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