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Yes, an annulment really does mean the marriage never happened

Every now and then I see articles from well-meaning/guilt-ridden Catholics where they are quick to point out that an annulment is not the same as saying “a marriage never happened”. I get why people are saying it. It’s a big, … Continue reading

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James Chastek on Discernment 2 More of my own commentary following. Q: Aren’t you making too much of this present mood of discernment? Isn’t it simply a way of urging people to be mindful about dedicating their life to God? A: Always ask for … Continue reading

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James Chastek on Discerning Vocations

Mostly I am posting this because I greatly respect James Chastek and you can’t actually respond on his blog. I find his post on discerning vocations…not bad, exactly, but kind of strange. Give it a read: To me it … Continue reading

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