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Voting, a Dialogue

I would vote for whoever is less left leaning. That’s way too vague for me. Basically everyone is left leaning. Do you have any dealbreakers? No, not when the choice is between somebody who will put right wing people on … Continue reading

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Chivalry, or how to Submit to a Lady

Wanting to do more research to corroborate Dalrock’s excellent series on chivalry I stumbled upon this gem from our old friend the Catholic Match Institute. Excerpts from Why Holding Doors Matters. I don’t want to go through the trouble of … Continue reading

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Setting Aside the Blinders

Speaking as an average man among fellow average men, the idea that the average man – ESPECIALLY the average Christian – is picky about women is completely absurd. I don’t need to look up statistics to back this up. I’m … Continue reading

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New Year’s Resolutions?

No. I don’t believe in them. My experience is that they have turned into more of a joke than anything and folks don’t take them seriously. Now, I DO believe in goal setting, and I have set goals for myself. … Continue reading

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