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Comic-Con Trailer Thoughts

Luke Cage: Looks excellent. I’m still suspicious that it’s going to get the SJW treatment (the temptation to go that route with a black superhero on a network that not nearly as many people care about has to be strong), … Continue reading

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The Main Reason I Keep Recommending Adam4D


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Tentatively Breaking Silence

I make a point to very rarely tread into Catholic v. Protestant territory here, but I’ve been reading the Christian webcomic Adam4D lately. Now, I’m greatly enjoying it and highly recommending it, but the writer for the site is a … Continue reading

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It’s a Smear Job

I’m afraid I have absolutely no sympathy for the black lives matter movement. Quite apart from the fact that there is absolutely no evidence blacks are targeted more than whites in police shootings (and some evidence to the contrary), there … Continue reading

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Two Plugs

First, the Christian answer to the Oatmeal, Adam4D. A generally great website; I disagree sometimes with the cartoonist’s theology (he’s a Calvinist, which doesn’t offend me but which I find kind of silly), but 95% of the time he’s bang on point, … Continue reading

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And *Sometimes* It’s Just Wrong

I call what I’m doing here ghostbusting, because a lot of this stuff is so subtle, and so minor taken *in isolation*, that I’ve been accused of jumping at ghosts. The whole Mrs. Doubtfire thing is a good example of … Continue reading

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One of the Older Ghosts

On the TV in the background is the ending of “Mrs. Doubtfire”, the bestselling cross-dressing movie of all time and beloved by millions. Well, supposedly. I’d imagine it’s loved the most by people who have gotten divorced and the children … Continue reading

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