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Zeroed in Review: “Awake in the Night”

Lest one think I’m being unfair to Wright, here is my review of “Awake in the Night”, the first novella in the collection. I have read Tolkien’s Lord of the Rings. I have read Lewis’s Narnia series. And, for one … Continue reading

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How Homosexuality Dilutes True Friendship

From this great article by Life Site News: It is clear that love between two people of the same sex can be profound and deep—this is established in literature and history. But, incongruously, these friendships are now taken as evidence … Continue reading

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Review: Awake in the Night Land, By John C. Wright

Well. That was WEIRD. This book got praise. A lot of praise. A lot of lavish praise. A lot of unbelievably ecstatic, incredibly lavish, over the top wonderful praise. Did it earn it? I think the answer depends on what … Continue reading

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7 Controversies White People Talk About Becase it Makes Them Feel Better

A brief fisking of this article, 7 Things I Can Do That My Black Son Can’t: First, a moment of unintentional clarity: But when you’re a parent, those privileges stop being invisible. It’s the reason why male congressmen with daughters … Continue reading

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Come on, it’s a LITTLE suspicious

An actress I’ve never heard of named Felicia Day was afraid of giving her opinions about gamergate for fear of being doxxed, and then was doxxed…an hour later? Three things: 1) Once again, we’re just assuming these people are gamegaters. … Continue reading

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A Note

It has come to my attention, looking at my stats, that a website which frequently and favorably quotes white supremacy tweets has linked to my latest Zoe Quinn post. I’m not linking to the website because I don’t want it … Continue reading

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If you think these are biased, you’re probably a homophobe

At the end of the entirely unremarkable Synod on the family (no, really, what was the point of that?), here’s some article titles around the web about the conclusion: Catholic bishops drop moves to accept gays Bishops Actually Aren’t So … Continue reading

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Justifed Season 4: “Decoy”

Possibly my new favorite episode of the show. It had EVERYTHING. Constable Bob, played absolutely perfectly by Patton Oswalt, is now officially my favorite new “Justified” character. Once again, “Justified” was all about build-ups and payoffs, and they’ve been teasing … Continue reading

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Don’t Let Them Control the Narrative

One of the reasons I have so much respect for Vox despite substantital disagreement on several issues is that Vox refuses to let the left control the narrative. Come Hell or highwater, Vox WILL let people know his side of … Continue reading

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LOL, Zoe Quinn

Ready for a misogynistic post? I frequent a writing forum (not saying where, don’t bother asking). Writers are notoriously liberal, with rare exceptions. And these exceptions are, many times, skewered by the rest of the industry. See: Vox Day, Larry … Continue reading

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