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TVTropes Explains Trump and Cruz

The best, and most concise, explanation I’ve seen yet. From the real life section of the trope page “Didn’t see that coming”: Donald Trump in the 2016 Republican Primary was expected to be a repeat of the quickly-surging-then-tanking Hermain Cain … Continue reading

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Just Finished: “The Long Halloween”

Yep, read it right after I finished my previous post. Quick thoughts: Wow! The twist ending of “The Long Halloween” is the very best kind of twist, and by far the hardest to pull off: The kind that makes perfect … Continue reading

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Books for Christmas

This Christmas was the Year of the Books. In no order: “Valdez is Coming”, by Elmore Leonard – Western “Red Harvest”, by Dashiell Hammett – mystery, specifically noir “The Messenger”, by Markus Zusak – sort of mystery, sort of young adult … Continue reading

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Rubbing Body Parts Together

(I consider responding here fair game, as this post should link back to Dalrock’s blog.) On Dalrock’s post (part of an excellent and highly recommended series) “St. Jerome on Marriage”, thedeti writes: From St. John Paul II’s “Interpreting the Concept … Continue reading

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Sexually Assaulted with E-Mails

Breaking! The CIA has revealed that Russia intervened for Trump! This is huge. Momentous. Consider the number of newspapers and media outlets that would have had to be infiltrated, the massive number of votes it would have taken to swing … Continue reading

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