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Making Sense of the Cosmological Argument

Short and sweet: I’ve been wondering about one of the objections to the argument, namely, WHY can’t we have an infinite chain of causes stretching back forever? The problem I see is that if a chain of things that ALL … Continue reading

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Hey, Somebody Almost Mentioned Me!

Well, kind of. You know my last post about Pope Francis? Our friend Crude (which, from what I’ve seen after reading him for a few months now, we seem to disagree on approximately one minor thing) was mentioned in this … Continue reading

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The Church is not America

This (fairly well written) article is precisely why I’m disheartened with how the right wing is taking the words of Pope Francis. I’m going to start by saying that it’s really a good article. It’s pretty fair to Pope Francis. … Continue reading

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With a shoutout to Crude, here’s an argument for you:

Take a look at this story. The quick version is that a transgender person was voted homecoming Queen and is upset because people are making nasty comments about her. I got into it with some people in an online forum, … Continue reading

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Pope Francis’s New Interview

Pope Francis has a new interview out in America Magazine, and it is absolutely fascinating. I’m in the middle of it right now. While reading, I was hit by a bit of a revelation. I think I understand a little … Continue reading

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Richard Dawkins: “I don’t think I am strident or aggressive”


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Quick Hits: Zippy on Game

My sentiments on Game are shared in a big way by Zippy Catholic (who’s excellent blog is linked to above). His post here, and the post on Sunshine Mary’s blog that he links to, articulate pretty well my issues with … Continue reading

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Becaus I’m on Feminism Right Now (Warning: Some strong language near the end)

If you want to get to the feminist stuff, go to paragraph four. To set the scene for those skipping, all of this comes from my college Ethics textbook. I HATE my Ethics textbook (I’m taking this class in college … Continue reading

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My Tentative Problem with Game Theory

Game theory, for those not sure, is the theory that men (it’s pretty much always men) have a statistically higher chance of picking up women if they do certain things and try to replicate certain qualities. Basically, think of a … Continue reading

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Christianity is Really, Really Difficult

Sometimes I talk to people in the Christian blogosphere, and read what they have to say, and then I wonder about my own life. How do these people manage to be so…Christian? Like, many are married. For the Catholics and … Continue reading

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