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Divine Liturgy!

I am a Roman Catholic with no Latin Masses near me, so to the Norvus Ordo I go. I’m not going to complain; the Priest at my church is very orthodox anf not any type of “innovator”, and that alone … Continue reading

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“Rosanne” is everything wrong with the American right

I want everyone to pretend it’s five years ago. Just five! Imagine Rosanne Barre comes out with a show where she pushes little kids cross-dressing, surrogate motherhood and selling your own eggs for money, and mocks traditional Christian values (a … Continue reading

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2nd Amendment Response

I got some good responses to my last post; let me see what sort of mileage I can get from them. Let me try to restate what seems to be the most common objection to my argument in list form: … Continue reading

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