But also, literally Hitler

Here is an article by a white leftist woman interviewing an American right-winger. It’s interesting immediately in how shocked she is that the guy is likable. What gets me about it is this part:

Again, Chris looked genuinely surprised.

If there was going to be anger, he said, it would be directed at him, no? For his support of Trump. After all, he’s the one afraid of losing business because of his political beliefs. He’s the one the neighbors called the cops about.

Another example, I said, of how you and I have watched the same election and seen completely different things. I told him a little of how I’d been called things online this year that I had to look up in Urban Dictionary because I wasn’t entirely clear what sexual act I was being told to perform. I told him of the time my son called to warn me not to read the comments on my own story because they were so threatening.

Sure, people are actively telling their children not to trick-or-treat in front of his house, and sure, the cops were called on him for an innocuous Halloween decoration, and sure, he’s worried he’ll lose his business, but people said mean things about this woman online! Does he really not get how that’s pretty much the same thing, except worse because it happened to HER?

Why won’t those uppity crackers just shut up and let the narrative take over, amirite?

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Well, nuts to you too

This is adapted from a comment I made on Zippy’s blog. The article I wrote that I’m referring to, by the way, is here, and you can comment there or here about it if you’re so inclined. I think it came out well, and I recommend “Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them” highly.

I recently wrote an article on the newest Harry Potter movie (which was great), and I mentioned in passing how disgusting I found J.K. Rowling’s personal and political views. It got me to thinking why.

I think it has to do with a contempt for the middle class. Rowling went right from dirt poor to impossibly, tremendously rich; her time spent in the middle class was so short she wasn’t able to experience much of what it was like.

A consequence of this is that she honestly CAN’T understand why middle class people are concerned about things like paying welfare, or illegal immigrants taking jobs, or the country being overrun by Muslim refugees. She sees refugees, immigrants, and mothers on welfare as “poor”, and thus sees it as all of our responsibility to take care of them.

After all, she crunched the numbers: If all of us middle class people gave up a latte a day, we’d be able to give every single mother a home! What is WRONG with us? Why do we all hate minorities (the majority of the poor)? Why are we such horrible racist monsters?

She doesn’t understand what it’s like to be one firing and a month out of work away from slipping below the poverty line, because it’s not something she experienced for any significant length of time. To her, middle class people not wanting to get rid of the one big vacation they take every two years, that they scrimped and saved months for, is evil, because someone, somewhere out in the world, just happens to be suffering worse.

I think this explains the attitude of a lot of our supposed elites.

I mentioned earlier that for all that talk of Trump targeting middle class white Americans or white males, I can’t remember him directly addressing white males or even whites in general at all the entire election.

Now, what he DID do is promise to bring in jobs and to get illegal immigrants out so they’d stop taking jobs, and since it’s white Americans who are the ones that the elites are attempting to run out on a rail, or worse, they correctly surmised that it was white Americans who that message resonated with the most. What they didn’t catch is that this said a lot more about them then about the white Americans they were condemning so strongly.

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Eh, What’s a Word Between Friends

From a NYT article about Mike Pence attending a production of “Hamilton”:

The show’s politics — particularly its celebration of diversity and of the critical role immigrants played in the American Revolution and the early republic — stand in sharp contrast to some of the harsh language about immigrants that Mr. Trump used during the campaign and his focus on appealing to white men with statements about returning America to “the good old days.”

It seems the NYT made a typo. It left out the word “illegal”.

Obviously it must be a typo, since anybody who is not a fool or liar would have noticed how heavily and often Trump praised legal immigrants, including legal Mexican immigrants. So it must be a typo.

Come to think of it, there’s another typo in that very paragraph, since anybody who paid even the slightest attention to the election would have noticed very quickly that Trump made repeated and specific appeals to minorities, and in fact got a far higher percentage of the minority vote than even Mitt Romney. If anything, he targeted “White men” the least. I literally can’t remember him directing any comments towards white men as a collective group, or even whites in general as a collective group.

So obviously that’s a typo too.

Just doing my duty as a semi-professional editor. A professional publication should never contain typos like this; hopefully the typos will be fixed in the future.

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Unintentional Existential Comedy

From the Facebook page of Existential Comics (which is actually pretty funny generally):


Names and profile photos blotted out

Great point, Existential Comics! The Greatest Generation would never elect a guy like Trump. They’d think he was far too left wing. They like to go for the guys who put innocent American citizens in concentration – sorry, internment – camps.

But Trump is a blot on our history the likes of which has never been seen before, because he wants to vet muslims and deport illegal immigrants.


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The Biggest Problem with WWWtW, The NR, and other right-liberals

  1. They’re wrong.
  2. They’re smarter than almost everyone else.

I think you can trace just about every argument I’ve had down to those two points.

The obvious rebuttal is “Well, they think YOU’RE wrong”. Yes, they do. I happen to disagree.


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A Key Issue

I agree with much of the sentiment in this post – strongly, even, and said so in the comments. I stand by those comments; read them in the thread if you wish.

But in re-reading the post I think I spotted a key problem, or at least source of disagreement. Mr. Wright wrote this after showing images of upset and crying Hilary supporters:

Put no trust in princes, O Sons of Adam, for they are Sons of sinful Adam just as are you. Put no trust in pundits, Daughters of Eve, for they are deceptive Daughters of Eve just as are you.

…Which is well-written and makes a good point.

He followed it up with:

By way of contrast

…Followed by images of celebratory Trump supporters.

But I think the contrast is all wrong. The Hilary people put their faith in princes and pundits, and they failed. The Trump people…put their trust in different princes and different pundits. The person they wanted to get elected made it in, and they celebrated.

But they still trusted the princes and pundits.

The contrast should not be images of celebrating Trump supporters. It should be an image of this:

…And I think that our contrasting views here – and make no mistake, while Mr. Wright is as Catholic or more Catholic than I am, when he says that the opposite of Hilary supporters trusting the princes and pundits of this world are Trump supporters, me and him are looking at the world through a fundamentally different prism – are the source of a lot of our disagreements.

I shall have to think on this further.

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What I Actually Did Election Night

After voting:

I went home, put on “The Flash”, and googled the polls every few minutes while steadfastly refusing to watch media coverage. I did have Vox Day’s blog up; since he actually gave a strong prediction for an unexpected result, he and the comments were at least entertaining to read, and I got updates faster (and more accurate) than I would have otherwise besides.

“The Flash” is a lot of fun. There’s a lot of what could be called “blue pill” bullshit in the relationship aspects (Iris is terrible) but it embraces its corny comic book roots so enthusiastically it’s hard to dislike it. We’re talking villains like Captain Cold, the Weather Wizard, Dr. Light, and a telepathic gorilla named Gorilla Grodd. The Flash does things like run really fast to reverse tornadoes and suck away fires by spinning his arms really fast. In season two he learns how to make and throw lightning, and the main villain is called “Zoom”, whose motivation is that he wants to be the fastest man in every multiverse.

It’s just fun, and while it’s obviously blue pill it doesn’t seem to have a direct feminist agenda like “Supergirl”. There’s a a real sincerity to it – the creators obviously love “The Flash” and all his corniness and are trying to do him justice. I recommend it to superhero fans.

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