The Wisdom of Molakesh

If you’re still waiting for your copy of the Sci Phi Journal you can whet your appetite with the awesome “Tuesdays with Molakesh the Destroyer“, by Megan Grey Megan is a Sad Puppies nominee and after reading this I can confirm that she definitely deserves the honor.

It’s a great story. If “Tuesdays With Morrie” irked you as much as it did me, you’ll love it.

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“Take Up Your Cross”: An Excerpt

I was reading “That Hideous Strength” when I wrote this, so the style is intentionally very “Lewis” in nature:

The time for planning had ended. I had checked my nerves and came to realize that if I didn’t go that day, I would never go. My courage would falter. So I took a deep breath, strapped myself into my Time-Buick, mentally double-checked that I had every necessity packed, and set the time to 10:00 PM, April 2nd, CE 33, at the top of the Mount of Olives in Israel. I was to end the Agony in the Garden.

For some reason the quote from Lewis’s “Perelandra” came to mind: “In the name of the Father, Son, and Holy Ghost, here goes–I mean, Amen!”

It took about a minute to bring my car up to speed, but when it did the transportation was immediate and painless. One moment I was speeding down a back road in a Houston suburb, and the next minute I was in first century Israel. I looked at the horizon in front of me and stopped my car as quickly as possible, alarmed. I was not on the Mount of Olives. In front of me was a relatively blank stretch of desert. There were mountains in the distance, and I was fairly confident one of them was the one I was looking for. But something else was wrong. It was not night, when I had intended to arrive. The sun was out and still high in the sky. It was, at worst, early afternoon, and more likely mid-morning. I checked the travel clock, and my fears were confirmed. It was not April 2, 33 CE. It was 10:00 AM on April 3rd. I had arrived not on the day of the Agony, but of the Crucifixion.

…And if you want to know what happens next, and why he’s decided to strap himself into his trusty Time-Buick, you’ll have to get Sci Phi Journal issue # 4. If you don’t like e-books you can also get a paper version here for eight dollars. The kindle version is only four.

Once again, I know I’m biased, but this is a seriously fantastic issue.

[I am reliably informed that more paper copies will be available soon.]

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It’s Finally Here!

Bring out the trumpets!

Prepare the feast!

The fourth issue of the Sci Phi Journal is finally here!

Notice something about the stories? They mention “Take Up Your Cross”. There’s only one problem…

My name is not Alex. I’ll be contacting them about that shortly.

I’ve told this story before, but as it’s my blog and I like telling it I will tell it again. Here is the story of “Take Up Your Cross”:

Those who followed the blog long enough will actually be able to find the point where I started the story. The idea was taken from John C. Wright’s excellent story “Nativity” (which can be read in the superb “The Book of Feasts and Seasons”). There, a time traveler intends to go to the Crucifixion and ends up at the Nativity. I liked the idea and decided that my character really would end up at the Crucifixion. And so my story is about a college Professor with some rather progressive ideas about Christ deciding that maybe he could help Jesus do a little bit better for himself…

The story is very, very Catholic – the Virgin Mary is a major character. If you’re not Catholic, remember that it is fiction, and take it as such.

I genuinely do not how well it will be received. My best guess is that a lot of people will say it’s overly preachy. All I can say in response is that when I wrote the story I genuinely did not have any sort of preachiness in mind; that the story turned out the way it did is entirely because that is what was required of the narrative.

And now to point out to Castalia House that Alex is NOT my name.

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Correia Fisks a Fool

So some SJW fool went on a weird rant where she bashed Neil Gaiman for no good reason and then talked about how great it was that she stopped reading white authors for a year. Larry Correia tore her a new one. It was glorious.

My comment: As a straight white male with virtually no fanbase trying to break into the business it’s good to know that there are people out there actively starting campaigns to avoid reading my books. Good thing I have my privilege to get me sales!

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God is First, but only sometimes

Crude has a nice post out on his blog where he points out that if you’re willing to die for your faith, you should be willing to kill for it. Here is an extended form of my response:

Would you kill to defend your family?

If the answer to that question is yes, but the answer is no if you’re asked whether or not you’d kill to defend your faith, you need to reassess your priorities.

Does that comment shock you? It shouldn’t. Jesus is very clear about this – faith, then family. If you’d kill to protect your family but not your faith, there’s a problem with your worldview.

I’m not saying that making a paradigm shift like that is easy, but it is, ultimately, necessary.

I’m also not saying I’m there yet. I have a very difficult time honestly imagining a situation where I’d react to a threat to the Church as strongly as I’d react to a threat to my family. But, here’s the important point – This is to my detriment. It is not a good thing. I, too, need a paradigm shift.

In fact, most people do.

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Chromosomally Advantaged Youth

Calvin embraces feminist ideology, taking it to its logical conclusion.

Watterson was a genius.

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A New Term for an Old Phenomenon

Modern SJW’s are fond of saying that minorities can’t be racist, since racism can only occur when somebody is in a position of power.

Well yeah, okay, if you define racism in such a way that minorities can’t be racist, then minorities can’t be racist. Therefore, I have come up with a new term, defined as “a minority discriminating unjustly against a race that has power in csociety”. I call it “being a dick”, or “dickishness”, if you prefer.

Let’s use it in a sentence:

“Man, did you see how those black people refuse to give that nice white person the time of day? They’re all really being dicks.”

“Wow, Al Sharpton is really blaming white people for all of black people’s problems? He’s being such a dick.”

“Wow, your college only let in black people? You have a policy founded on the principle of dickishness.”

I propose that “being a dick” should carry the same stigma in society that “racism” does.

[The point of all of this is, of course, that whether or not somebody’s racist is entirely beside the point. It’s whether or not doing a certain thing is MORAL that matters.]

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