Oh, hey, that’s happening?

Oh yeah, a literal civil war is happening throughout France. And yet it isn’t the top story on every news network and every online news site and every magazine in the country.

Huh. Weird. Wonder why.

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Catholic Dating Advice

My Pagan Date Treated Me Better Than my Christian Date

“This is against my better judgement,” I thought to myself…

…as I got ready for a date with a man who I would describe as the best-looking guy I have ever encountered in real life.

Clearly, this guy had looks and this suave charisma going for him (don’t those two always seem to go hand-in-hand?), but I knew they were coming at a cost. Though Mr. Good-looking had stated moral beliefs that definitely opposed my own, I was too excited to go on a date with someone I actually liked to think thoroughly through the situation.

The date was awesome, and before I knew it the night was coming to a close. I found myself on his rooftop, with my second (or was it my third?) drink in hand, sitting way closer to him than I would have had anyone else been around.

I was so disenchanted with “good men” of upright moral standing. So I started dating the opposite type.

As a girl of strong-moral character and conviction, I was aghast at myself for being in that situation to begin with.

Strong moral character. You don’t say. I wonder what happened next?

It was in the midst of that compromising setting that I was completely floored by the reverence that this guy showed for me.

Though he could have easily attempted to make the night go a very different way, this guy (the pagan one, remember?) gave me a kiss on the forehead, told me that he respected me, and proceeded to get me home at a decent hour in one piece. Never had I ever been treated that well before by any guy, Christian or not. It’s true that when a man loves a woman, he has a profound sense of responsibility for her. He seeks what is best for her rather than his own interests. Now I’m not saying this guy loved me after one date, but did his actions not just express that genuine love and respect?

Indeed. Here we have a half drunk woman getting increasingly close to a man she’s alone with and insanely attracted to, but if you do anything but kiss her on the forehead and send her home you’re just not showing her that genuine love and respect.

It is truly shameful that there are no good Christian men out there who won’t pursue sex with women who are throwing themselves at them in compromising situations. Shameful, I say.

So what is the lesson here?


I’ve had my fair share of doubts from past dating relationships, but this experience has taught me that good men will rise to the standard that women set for them. Rather than categorizing men based off of their stated religious beliefs, be open to encountering their goodness; you may find it in the most unlikely of places.

That’s right men, rise to her standard. If only we had the standards of a Church girl getting half drunk on a date with a Pagan, the world would be a better place.

Where have all the good men gone, again?

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This is all, I swear

Didja ever notice Vox Day is as wrong on predictions as everybody else?

Called a Trumpslide: Wrong. Trump loses the popular vote, only wins the electoral vote.

Called the House several hours before votes were in: Ouch. This is “Dewey Beats Truman” stuff.

Conclusion: Vox is just some guy, huh?

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A Marriage and an Engagement

Recently a close friend of mine got engaged, and a friendly acquaintance I have worked with recently and communicate with regularly got married.

It is impossible not to think of marriage at a point like this. I don’t like talking about my personal life so I don’t. I’m sure people can figure out a lot by implication and assumption. That’s fine; for now it stays implication and assumption. You’ll learn more about my private life when I decide it isn’t private, and that may well be never. I’m just not the sort of guy who prefers mouthing off about that sort of thing in public regularly. I’ll never get the folks who ask for detailed advice about their sex life via blog posts, though I genuinely wish them well.

I am still out there writing, mostly through Castalia House and Superversive SF. The main reason I let this blog go by the wayside is a simple one: I’m too opinionated. I mouth off too much about stuff I don’t know nearly enough about. And I lack the experience to offer anything like guidance.

What I really enjoy doing, and I’m sure this sounds very strange to everyone but me, is critical analysis of fiction. I find it fun and fascinating. This why “You watch too much TV” doesn’t really register with me: Try watching TV like I do, pal. Some day, and probably not TOO far off, I’ll package some of my nonfiction into book form and make it a little more monetarily productive, though I like to think that every bit of cultural influence helps. I have other stuff going on in my life as well, and for the first time in awhile I don’t feel like I’m constantly wasting time, which is great.

Where am I going with this tangent? Eh, not too far. What I’m getting at is, I’m at the point in life where people my age and even younger are taking their next steps, and I’m trying to figure out how much this should bother me, if at all. On reflection…I think I’m fine right now. I am back going to Church regularly and work out daily, both of which are incredibly healthy. I make an effort to actively enrich myself every day and expect to start working more in my chosen field more soon, which is awesome. I started to dress better. I have a hobby I find fun.

It is impossible not to feel a little left behind looking at the wonderful stuff going on in my friends’ lives, but there’s no time fo wallow. There’s work to be done, and I have to keep moving forward.

And you know what, it actually feels pretty good.

Please pray for both of my friends, if you’re the type.

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No, racism is not “any belief that makes race out to be much more significant than it really is”

No, nobody uses the word this way. Not in casual conversation, not colloquially, never. And it is trivially easy to prove.

This definition of racism makes no moral claims.

When people refer to somebody as “racist”, they are almost always making a negative moral claim about that person – claiming that they are immoral for holding these beliefs.

Therefore this cannot be the definition they are using.

Why yes, I did have somebody say this to me with a straight face. Why do you ask?

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Divine Liturgy!, Update

Okay! Made it to an 8 AM Sunday Divine Liturgy. My thoughts:

1) It was…extremely short. Surprising, right? They normally run about an hour and 15 to two hours. This was 45 minutes!

Why? The Priest spoke/sang very very fast. I (mercifully) had a book to follow along with so as far as I could see he didn’t miss anything, and he gave a fine homily. I have nothing bad to say about him. It was just fast. I believe it was because he had another Mass to get to about a half hour away after that one.

2) There were no hymns, because everything is a hymn. Literally, EVERYTHING but the homily is sung. This included the Bible readings. The whole Liturgy is basically one long song.

It is…pretty great! I liked that part of it a lot. The whole embarrassment of you being the only off-key singer along with that one old lady while everyone else is red and silent? All gone. Great stuff! People need to feel good about participating, not embarrassed.

3) Yes, lots and lots of incense. Made my eyes water slightly, but it sure smelled good.

4) No sign of peace. God is good indeed.

5) No holding hands during the (sung!) Our Father. See above.

6) I caught the lack of a filioque in there. No, I did not forget.

7) No kneeling! That’s replaced with bowing. Kneeling is specifically a sign of repentence, not of respect and submission. So no kneeling. It was mostly standing with brief periods of sitting.

Overall experience: 10 of 10, would pray again. Us Latins should make the trip at least once.

Next up: I need to find a Latin Mass. That’ll be interesting.

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Alfie’s Army is a Joke

This is quite simple:

If you call yourself an “army” but stand outside and yell with signs as an innocent baby dies surrounded by a few cops too scared to arrest muslim rapists, with a helicopter on standby mere miles away you are in no sense of the word an army and literally completely worthless. You did not accomplish your stated goal, or even make a good faith effort.

The sad case of Alfie Evans was not a warning to society, but merely another data point confirming Britainistan is as bad or worse than Sodom and Gomorrah. That the purported “army” did absolutely nothing makes a mockery of just war theory. We have literally just seen “The Ones Who Walk Away from Omelas”  play out in real life.

God help us all.

I hope my readers once again will pay as much attention to what I would not say as to what I did.

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