The Implications of Apologies

Absolutely nothing prompted this post. It was just a random thought that crossed my mind and I thought would make a decent post.

I try to make a point to apologize for things I say that I regret later, and to people I think are owed apologies. Once a person I apologized to pointed out to me (I’d link to him and the comment if I remembered who it was – this was several months ago and took place in the midst of a long conversation) that while apologizing is good, it would be even better if I didn’t need to apologize at all.

This, of course, is almost self-evidently true. That said, my suspicion from my copious amounts of online reading is that I almost certainly need to apologize no more often than anybody else. It’s just that I actually do it, where others either refuse to admit they need to or forget. So I find myself rather unmoved by comments like that, except insofar as I should ALWAYS be working to be more Christlike when talking to people.

I suppose this is kind of a way for me to pat myself on the back. Perhaps, but I think it’s fair to give what I believe is a legitimate defense to a criticism sometimes made about me.

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Cool News

Just accepted an offer from Mr. Jason Rennie to be an editor on the Superversive SF site. I will be posting under the name Anthony M.

I’m slightly disappointed that my last two posts on the Hugos are already up. I like how they turned out, and they would have made for a good introduction.

Ah well. I’ll think of something smart.

Anyway, if you like my writing you can check me out over there as well.

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How it works with Voxemort

Both Sad and Rabid Puppies claim that they are in favor of supporting authors regardless of their political background, and what they are protesting is discrimination against authors with the “wrong” beliefs.

So far the most popular SJW response has been “Voxemort Satanhitlerday was nominated by the Sad Puppies once and is civil to them, and his political views are REALLY evil. Why are they not condemning him?”

Here’s the shorter version:

PUPPIES: So you see, we’re in favor of promoting deserving works regardless of political values.


PUPPIES: We never said we agreed with him. We said we don’t care. You are literally making our point right now.

And after this the responses from SJW’s generally split into two groups:



SJW 2: Look, they said they don’t agree with him! Look at them trying to back off from their previous secret alliance that is very very obvious to all of us despite there being no evidence for it! What cowards/hypocrites!

You’ll note that the two statements are completely contradictory. This is to be expected. There’s no argument here, they’re just testing the waters to find the most useful rhetorical bludgeon.

Basically, it comes down to this: Yes, we are serious about not caring about somebody’s political views. Yes, even if those views belong to Voxemort. We weren’t kidding when we said it was about the quality of the work.

Here’s a simple test to see if you are a rational human being: When we tell you we’re considering works based on quality and not politics, what is your response?

If your response is “Well, duh”, congratulations! You are a rational human being, at least about this subject.

If you say you agree, then follow it up by saying, “But why are you promoting THIS guy’s work? He’s evil!” you are probably an SJW. This is a very serious condition; go to your local church to check out possible treatment options.

And not a namby-pamby kumbaya church either. Something with teeth.

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Issue # 5 is Out!

Here is Issue 5 of the Sci Phi Journal! In it you can find my article “The Philosophy of Serenity”. If you’ve already read the original once posted on this site you should know that this version does contain some changes, including a 180 on my views of Shepherd Book’s preaching ability. So if you want to see my analysis on that, or you’ve ever wondered about the connection between Joss Whedon and C.S. Lewis (there not only is one, it’s actually shockingly explicit), you’ll want to check that out.

Among others the book also contains stories by “Domo” author Joshua Young and the lovely L. Jagi Lamplighter, sometimes known as Mrs. John C. Wright, and also the author of the Prospero series of novels. Both authors will hopefully be collaborating with me on a really cool project soon (along with others), so stay tuned for that.

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George R.R. Martin is not the Gold Standard

There seems to be this idea that on the anti-sad puppies side of the Hugo debate George R.R. Martin has “kept a level head” and acted fair and respectful.

No. No. No he did not.

Let me be clear: I don’t care that he plays nice with Brad and Larry. I don’t care that he insulted Vox Day. That’s not the worst thing in the world – Vox tends to bring out those sorts of reactions from people.

No, what I care about is when he viciously insulted somebody – for argument’s sake we’ll call him, I don’t know, Theodore Beale – and then challenged him to debate his views.

And then when Mr. Beale came forward and said “Very well, I accept your debate” he quickly backed off while claiming he didn’t really mean it, he wanted Brad or Larry to do it, he didn’t actually intend…

Et cetera ad nauseum.

Oh, and all the while he didn’t even slightly back off on his unsubstantiated insults of Beale.

Many supposedly “neutral” or “moderate” commenters (and I think Brad and Larry as well, though I’d have to double check) have been holding Martin up as a good example of somebody on the opposing side of the debate arguing in good faith. Supposedly because he did a little bit more than absolutely nothing when it came to directly responding to Brad and Larry’s claims, and because he opposed voting “no award” on everything.

This is wrong. Martin is not a good faith opponent. He’s just a slightly cleverer variety of SJW. And I wish Bard and Larry would realize that instead of showing him respect he does not deserve.

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The Proper Response to a Stay at Home Mom Who Says Her Husband Should Have Equal Share of the Housework

[From the education major]

“Okay. Teach half of my classes and it’s a deal.”

Replace “Do half of my work” with the field of your choosing.

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I Don’t Care

There’s a minor scuffle going down on Victor Reppert’s blog “Dangerous Ideas”. The story goes that violence in the world is at its lowest point in human history. This, goes the argument, means that humanity has become more moral, proving the superiority of empathy based morality over the old morality based on outside consequences visited upon you for doing the “wrong” thing (e.g. “Don’t kill or you go to Hell”).

Leaving aside that that isn’t really the religious position anyway, at least for most religious folks, I think there’s a bigger problem here. I reject the original premise. Just because we’re less violent now (if we are – this is disputed besides), has nothing to do with whether or not we’re more moral.

This was the entire point of my story “A Quadrillion Occupied Planets”. In the story, violence is at its lowest percentage rate in the history of mankind. The only catch is that for this to be the case, one planet of the quadrillion occupied planets needs to be destroyed per year. Is this society really superior to our own?

We’re going to need more than “people are less violent now” to prove the case that humans are really any more moral than they used to be.

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