Something Family Friendly

Yes, I get the arguments for not voting, but yes, I got off the bus at one point for Trump. More study may fully convince me one year to hold off…but not this year.

Given the general state of liberal society and my natural cynicism (my moniker was picked for a reason), I can’t say I’m as super excited about the Trumpslide as others.

But I CAN say that I am thrilled at the defeat of Grandma Abortion Witch. The utter decimation of the Clinton legacy was worth the price of the entire election.

It is indeed a wonderful time to be an American. Or at least an interesting one; but for now I’ll put my cynicism aside and let my optimism shine.

Hail the Frog Casino King!

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3 Responses to Something Family Friendly

  1. John says:

    ”More study may fully convince me one year to hold off”

    So this means that the argument not to vote depends on the circumstances of the election?

    Or am I misunderstadning you here?

    You seem to be saying that the arguments do work if the election is boring enough and uneventful enough and without much risk..

    • You’re misunderstanding. I mean that the arguments did not convince me, or at least not enough for me not to vote. Perhaps in the future after more study they will; perhaps not.

      That this election was exciting was pretty fun, but is not the reason I voted.

  2. Wood says:


    I didn’t vote, and I believe that is the right course of action. But my gut reaction to the results is very similar to Malcolm’s. I also personally have a hard time separating out the ratios of “this election/voting” from “America/love of my country.” Not sure you were, but I don’t think it’s fair to chalk up motivations behind voting yesterday to boredom or uneventfulness or generic risk.

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