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Spoiler talk of “To the Moon”

I have now reviewed the game twice, once just after I played it and once after some distance. Both times I tried to avoid spoilers because it’s so important to the experience not to know what’s going to happen next, … Continue reading

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Princess Mononoke, Western

It’s not a very well-kept secret that Japanese Samurai movies tend to translate very well into westerns. Consider “Seven Samurai” and “The Magnificent Seven”, or “Yojimbo” and “A Fistful of Dollars”. Only two examples, but two more than you would … Continue reading

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Let’s Take it Point by Point

All right, in light of my recent posts on Vox’s gun shirts, I think it might be appropriate for me to go through this post by Vox after Dalrock’s take on it. I’m late, I know. Put it in my … Continue reading

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It’s Not the Same Thing

Vox Day has a new shirt: In case you weren’t sure if Vox wasn’t talking about your teenage daughter’s interactions with boys, note how he frames this shirt: Never mind that every man with an attractive wife is well aware … Continue reading

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For the Record

With all due respect for Vox, I have to agree with Rollory here, at least in theory. Not sure he puts it very well though. Vox Day here: Now, where do you suppose feral young women come from, families where … Continue reading

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My Governmental Philosophy

First off, a happy Thanksgiving to you all. Second off, nothing prompted this specifically. Just happened to be on my mind. I describe myself to people as a Tolkienite. Tolkien called himself an anarcho-monarchist; his idea was basically that the … Continue reading

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So I Just Solved Death Note

Superversive SF and Castalia House are probably tired of me blathering on about Death Note, so I’ll throw out my theory here. This will make sense only to people who know the story, but whatever. I know how L could … Continue reading

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