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Disgust and Contempt

Supposedly as I got older I was supposed to start understanding that I needed a gentler approach; that loud rhetoric and open contempt was cruel, un-Christlike, and ultimately ineffective. Instead, the opposite occurred. Constant exposure to pro-choicers baby killers and … Continue reading

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Notre Dame Lives

Amazing. Mere hours ago French officials were reporting that the Cathedral was likely totally destroyed. Today, we learn that almost all art and relics are safe. The structure has been saved. The great organ is covered in debris but has … Continue reading

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Let the Dead Stay Dead

Notre Dame has been destroyed, razed to the ground in an act of arson. Oh? Not arson, you say? So on Monday of Holy week, as Catholic churches have been desecrated throughout France, in the middle of renovations, Notre Dame … Continue reading

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Annual Appeal for Sanity

This Sunday was the Bishop’s Annual Appeal, complete with a friendly powerpoint presentation from our Bishop explaining where all the money went. I, of course, did not donate. To understand why requires some background: In my area there are four … Continue reading

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Not Even If I Tried

Tone deafness is back in the news again. It seems the left has pushed itself ever so slightly too far on the issue of abortion, and have started turning people pro-life again. Going off of personal anecdotes the shift seems … Continue reading

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Voting, a Dialogue

I would vote for whoever is less left leaning. That’s way too vague for me. Basically everyone is left leaning. Do you have any dealbreakers? No, not when the choice is between somebody who will put right wing people on … Continue reading

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Chivalry, or how to Submit to a Lady

Wanting to do more research to corroborate Dalrock’s excellent series on chivalry I stumbled upon this gem from our old friend the Catholic Match Institute. Excerpts from Why Holding Doors Matters. I don’t want to go through the trouble of … Continue reading

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