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What it REALLY Means to Oppose Public Education

“is that you’re comparing what the government is forcing children to do to what their own families are forcing them to do.” Wrong. The government is forcing education on children. Parents can choose how that education is delivered. But the … Continue reading

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On cheating and the school system

This is adapted from a response to a post on the blog of the esteemed Ben Orlin, who is awesome and who you should all read. The wild card when talking about cheating is that students will often be in classes … Continue reading

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The Ghost of “The Case for Christ”

This film is the first “Christian” film  I’ve seen in a good long time that actually seems to be getting decent reviews. And yet… From Rotten Tomatoes: A hard-driving journalist, Lee Strobel was exactly where he expected to be at … Continue reading

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Ghostbusting on Broadway

I know what you’re thinking. “Ghosts?” you say, “But this is Broadway. It’s, like, the gay capital of the east coast. Shouldn’t you be expecting gay crap?” And you may be right, but this is a little different. The story: … Continue reading

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More on “Princess Mononoke”

Writing a post on each Miyazaki film is surely already starting to tire people out, so I’ll put my further thoughts here, where people won’t get bored reading about the same topic all over again on the Superversive site. Okay. When … Continue reading

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St. Augustine is Totally Unreal

Over at the Two-Cent woman the hostess makes some comments about St. Maria Goretti, quoting St. Augustine. It struck me in the thread that Augustine’s quotes were rather odd. I actually think the Saint was incorrect. The Two-Cent Woman quotes … Continue reading

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Quick Recommendation: “Tales From the Borderlands”

I did not like “Borderlands 2”, which I found somewhat dull (ooh, hey, a slightly bigger gun, that’ll make a difference) and after that had no desire to try the original. When Telltale announced a Borderlands game, I was very … Continue reading

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