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More on “Princess Mononoke”

Writing a post on each Miyazaki film is surely already starting to tire people out, so I’ll put my further thoughts here, where people won’t get bored reading¬†about the same topic all over again on the Superversive site. Okay. When … Continue reading

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St. Augustine is Totally Unreal

Over at the Two-Cent woman the hostess makes some comments about St. Maria Goretti, quoting St. Augustine. It struck me in the thread that Augustine’s quotes were rather odd. I actually think the Saint was incorrect. The Two-Cent Woman quotes … Continue reading

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Quick Recommendation: “Tales From the Borderlands”

I did not like “Borderlands 2”, which I found somewhat dull (ooh, hey, a slightly bigger gun, that’ll make a difference) and after that had no desire to try the original. When Telltale announced a Borderlands game, I was very … Continue reading

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For Nomination Season

Stuff I could be nominated for: Short stories: “Modified” (from “God, Robot”) “Cover Up” (from “God, Robot”) Best Fanzine: Superversive SF A great many Castalia articles for Best Related Work. I’m particularly proud of my piece on “Rick and Morty”:¬† … Continue reading

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Not a Tame Lion

Zippy has an excellent post up on St. Maria Goretti. I have nothing specifically to criticize it, but I want to add my thoughts. I understand the desire to try and downplay St. Goretti’s martyrdom for purity – I truly … Continue reading

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Greatest. Press Conference. Ever.

If you aren’t watching CNN, put it on now. Their reaction is absolutely priceless.

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The Argument Against Voting in National Elections

Let me see if I have this right: No matter how close the vote – even if it’s less than 1,000 votes – my vote is statistically insignificant in regards to a national election. If I did not vote there … Continue reading

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