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My Literature Wish List

“Grail”, by Stephen Lawhead “Avalon”, by Stephen Lawhead Translations of “Sir Gawaine and the Green Knight”, “Pearl”, and “Sir Orfeo” by J.R.R. Tolkien “The Return of the King”, by J.R.R. Tolkien (My current copy has mysteriously disappeared) “Letters From Father … Continue reading

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“Jessica Jones”: The Final Analysis

All right, here we go. This will be in the style of my “Daredevil” analysis from earlier. Spoilers abound Worse than: “Daredevil”, kind of. Will explain later.┬áThis automatically means worse than “Sherlock”, “Justified”, and Firefly. Better than: Pretty much everything … Continue reading

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Finished “Jessica Jones”

I’ll do a real retrospective later (probably one for here and a slightly less partisan/foulmouthed one for Superversive SF), so here are my quick thoughts: This was thoroughly entertaining, and I’m genuinely glad I binge-watched it. Highly recommended. That said, … Continue reading

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Screw You, Trish

Arrrrrrgh, Trish just gave excuses for why she didn’t want to kill Kilgrave and I nearly punched the fucking computer. TRISH. TRISH. THIS IS NOT ABOUT YOU TRISH. KILGRAVE IS A FUCKING MENACE. HE IS DANGEROUS. HE NEEDS TO DIE. … Continue reading

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Missing the Point

Reading reviews of Jessica Jones is really aggravating me. The truth is that “Jessica Jones” is a good show because it’s not a feminist show. With a couple of exceptions, we’re seeing characters live their lives. Whether it shows us … Continue reading

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Watched the First “Jessica Jones”

Strong language warning. HOLY FUCKING SHIT. That was absolutely terrifying. That was seriously one of the most frightening things I’ve ever seen on TV or screen. The whole thing was unsettling, but that ending? WOW. WOW. My hands are actually … Continue reading

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How Christians Should Fight Wars

This scene, narrated by one of Arthur’s friends and warriors, Bedwyr (translating, I think, to Sir Bedivere), is from “Arthur”. Arthur and his men are prepared to do battle with an allied force of various barbarian tribes, but before the … Continue reading

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