An Update

I feel a little bit better about not updating this blog since, unlike many people who do this sort of thing, I have NOT disappeared. In fact, if anything I’ve become more visible. Look up Pinkerton’s Ghosts; I write and narrate the Sean Russo stories. I also comment under various usernames all around the net.

As for this blog, the simplest reason for why I’ve neglected to update it is that I don’t feel my opinions on politics, religion, or current events are really worth a damn. No, this was not a traumatic thing for me to realize; it’s true of the vast majority of people. Just a matter of me growing up. I did start this blog as a teenager after all.

Personally, I’m doing fine. Writing-wise, things are going up, up, up, and I expect 2022 to be a big year.

I may swap blogs to a writing-centered blog I started awhile back and never updated, The Mechanical Dragon, because while I’m no expert author I am a working author. I come out with a written and narrated short story once every three weeks after all. And I was even paid once for it! Real money too.

I owe a debt of gratitude to the superversives, who have changed my life in a variety of ways and who I count among my friends. You know who you are; I’m glad you exist, and I thank you.

If I swap blogs I’ll update it here and let everyone know. No fanfare – nothing sad, no major change of direction. It’s just focusing on what I should have been focusing on all along.

Here’s to a better 2022, ladies and gents!

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6 Responses to An Update

  1. Chad says:

    Definitely let us know. Glad to hear you’re doing well.

    Also, don’t sell yourself short on commentary. I know your posts on covid led me to reading Briggs, and helped me sort things out. It’s nice to see what other plebs are thinking as our “betters” seem bent on making the world intolerable, and then what those plebs are doing about it

  2. John says:

    Huh, sounds like some interesting news! Other people I follow are also experiencing similar life changes (one guy is even joining Catholic Answers!), and it just goes to show how the wind blows sometimes. Heck, I remember when I first stumbled on this blog back in mid to late 2016, and I think it’s either because of Gravity Falls ( I was searching for Christian or Catholic reviews of it), or another cartoon / fiction in general, and politics as well. And now that I try to remember it seems I found you through Crude…

    Anyways, your links also pointed me to some other interesting people to follow as well, and since then I had your blog bookmarked, and I found it a relatively interesting place for discussion as well! Even now with much of the activity gone, I still sometimes pop in and out to check for updates. And now that you’re letting it go, I feel it a kinda bittersweet turn of events, though with new horizons as well.

    I still hold out hope that you may continue writing about your opinions on politics a little bit on occasion, even if it’s on another, mostly writing focused blog though. But whatever you decide to do with your future blogs is up to you.

    Anyways, I wish you the best of luck with your life! May God bless you in your future endeavours!

    • “And now that you’re letting it go, I feel it a kinda bittersweet turn of events, though with new horizons as well.”

      It’s far more sweet than bitter, though I thank you for the kind words. I won’t be going anywhere and in fact haven’t. I just focused on Pinkertons Ghosts recently, as well as my career, and both with good results.

  3. John says:

    On a side note, I just remembered a comment I posted on this blogpost of yours a while back about being valuable to God despite being undeserving, and you said you’d found it really nice and that you’d respond when you get to it eventually. I don’t know whether or not you have time or the will to respond, or still find it worth responding to, but that one in particular seems like a fitting topic to end a whole theological / political blog on, heh!:

    Also, here are some people I think you may find interesting when it comes to theology:

    The first guy above is called Riverrun, and he’s got a lot of interesting and well-researched stuff to say about church politics, including liturgy, and Catholic things in general, and he’s even done some research on usury and plans to write more about it – to give more detail, he admires Zippy but disagrees with his magisterial argument as most papal or magisterial sources don’t teach a wholesale condemnation of modern usury (as distinct from classical usury) as their language is insufficiently strong or authoritative. He’s also a convert from left-wing agnosticism! And he also responds quickly to questions on Twitter as well, so you can ask him stuff there!

    One more thing you may like, though you may already know about it since it’s risen in popularity, is the Reason & Theology youtube show hosted by Michael Lofton, who’s writing a doctorate on the magisterium, and has a LOT of interesting and quality content on his channel to watch regarding many different topics:

    He’s even got a Comedy Hour he sometimes makes for laughs, where he reviews crazy theological stuff like Steven Anderson, KJV Only nonsense, conspiracy theories such as that James White is a Jesuit, and even people who claim that the Bible is actually the Mark of the Beast. Yes you read that right!

    Hope you enjoy!

  4. John says:

    Also, you said that you narrate the Russo stories. Is…is this your voice doing the reading in this video?:

    If so, sounds really neat!

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