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We are in the worst case scenario

I don’t even know what to say about this. The implications of it are almost too horrifying to even write out. Pray, pray, pray, folks, and pray some more. Catholics, remember St. Catherine of Siena and her role in getting … Continue reading

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But the knee will never be bent

A monarchy will never be accepted in America! Never! All we ask for is a ruler for life, hopefully with the next in line going to his son, and the highest court of the land populated by people who will … Continue reading

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It Isn’t Hard

Recently a U.K judge ordered a mentally challenged woman to abort her child against the wishes of the woman herself, her family, and her caretaker. The decision was, mercifully, reversed – but the original sentence was still handed out by … Continue reading

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Goal 2, Accomplished

Earlier I talked about my longtime goal of attending a Byzantine Catholic Divine Liturgy, a goal I finally achieved. In fact, that church happens to be so close I’ve been several times since then. I really do love that service, … Continue reading

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Disgust and Contempt

Supposedly as I got older I was supposed to start understanding that I needed a gentler approach; that loud rhetoric and open contempt was cruel, un-Christlike, and ultimately ineffective. Instead, the opposite occurred. Constant exposure to pro-choicers baby killers and … Continue reading

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Notre Dame Lives

Amazing. Mere hours ago French officials were reporting that the Cathedral was likely totally destroyed. Today, we learn that almost all art and relics are safe. The structure has been saved. The great organ is covered in debris but has … Continue reading

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Let the Dead Stay Dead

Notre Dame has been destroyed, razed to the ground in an act of arson. Oh? Not arson, you say? So on Monday of Holy week, as Catholic churches have been desecrated throughout France, in the middle of renovations, Notre Dame … Continue reading

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