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Oh, hey, that’s happening?

Oh yeah, a literal civil war is happening throughout France. And yet it isn’t the top story on every news network and every online news site and every magazine in the country. Huh. Weird. Wonder why. Advertisements

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Catholic Dating Advice

My Pagan Date Treated Me Better Than my Christian Date “This is against my better judgement,” I thought to myself… …as I got ready for a date with a man who I would describe as the best-looking guy I have ever … Continue reading

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This is all, I swear

Didja ever notice Vox Day is as wrong on predictions as everybody else? Called a Trumpslide: Wrong. Trump loses the popular vote, only wins the electoral vote. Called the House several hours before votes were in: Ouch. This is “Dewey … Continue reading

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A Marriage and an Engagement

Recently a close friend of mine got engaged, and a friendly acquaintance I have worked with recently and communicate with regularly got married. It is impossible not to think of marriage at a point like this. I don’t like talking … Continue reading

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No, racism is not “any belief that makes race out to be much more significant than it really is”

No, nobody uses the word this way. Not in casual conversation, not colloquially, never. And it is trivially easy to prove. This definition of racism makes no moral claims. When people refer to somebody as “racist”, they are almost always … Continue reading

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Divine Liturgy!, Update

Okay! Made it to an 8 AM Sunday Divine Liturgy. My thoughts: 1) It was…extremely short. Surprising, right? They normally run about an hour and 15 to two hours. This was 45 minutes! Why? The Priest spoke/sang very very fast. … Continue reading

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Alfie’s Army is a Joke

This is quite simple: If you call yourself an “army” but stand outside and yell with signs as an innocent baby dies surrounded by a few cops too scared to arrest muslim rapists, with a helicopter on standby mere miles … Continue reading

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