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How to Get Him Into the Friend Zone, and Other Ways Women Manipulate Men

I have a FB friend whom I like and respect, but who is substantially more liberal than me. Okay, that doesn’t quite convey what it’s supposed to – he’s REALLY liberal, whereas I’m REALLY conservative. He’s no dummy though, and … Continue reading

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A Note on our Pope

Yes, gay people have twisted the Pope’s words to fit their agenda. And yes, the way he spoke (pretty much echoing the Catechism) made that easy. But remember his supposedly terrible papacy has not only led to more Mass participation. … Continue reading

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Once on Wife Swap

…They did this really interesting swap between an ultra-conservative family and ultra-liberal family. I’m talking backwards Southern woman-belongs-in-the-kitchen, lots-of-children, let’s-play-football conservative family. The liberal family had “enlightened” parents with one boy who painted his room pink because they wanted him … Continue reading

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Yes, Europe is Crazy

Remember the lady who thought I was just the most ridiculous person eh-ver for believing pointing out that cells were living organisms? Well, that wasn’t the first time we had run into each other. When we had the assisted suicide/euthanasia … Continue reading

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Somebody Really Said This

I follow a humor blog that makes fun of bad books. It’s run by two very liberal, very feminist twenty-somethings. I don’t really care because they’re both very funny and I don’t go for the politics. If they get too … Continue reading

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A Response to the Codgitator’s Open Letter

The Codgitator has noticed, I think partially because of me, actually, if I may be so arrogant, that Pope Francis has almost led, and I’m sure in some cases has led, to people leaving the Church. So he has written … Continue reading

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Considering the Priesthood

Vocations being down in the Western Church is a very big deal. There was always this assumption when I was in High School that it wasn’t so much less people getting the call as it was less people accepting it. … Continue reading

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White College Students Stand up for Themselves, Liberals Hate It

Here is the appallingly badly written article by the notoriously ultra-liberal “Salon”. Apparently, three white college students finally caught on that academia is teaching the country that everything is their fault. So, they reported the teacher. And the college, in … Continue reading

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The Saga of Jenny Ericson

The saga of Jenny Ericson, Christian pro-marriage blogger turned divorced Christian blogger (you know, the bitch woman who got pissed that her pastor broke the good news of their divorce to her husband told her husband about rumors going around … Continue reading

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Interesting Thoughts on Hell from the Catholic Encyclopedia

This is a post meant mostly for Catholics, though others may find it interesting. I want to say right now that I am NOT inviting a Catholic/Protestant debate. Please do that elsewhere if it’s your thing. I’m finding the article … Continue reading

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