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Calling a Spade a Spade

What I’m about to write may be the single most controversial thing I have EVER written, but here goes anyway. Saying that the novus ordo is “just as valid” a form of the Mass as the TLM and that preference … Continue reading

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The one and only defense of the Pope’s newest letter I’ve seen

Here you go. Why am I completely unsurprised it’s Dave Armstrong? Those who read Dr. Feser probably recognize the name. Helpfully, Armstrong writes out his argument in list form for me in the article, so all I need to do … Continue reading

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Chastek and Crude on Parallel Churches

Crude recently commented on James Chastek’s article on the upcoming rumored suppression of the FSSP. Short answer: I agree with Crude, and have some of my own commentary to add. Note that would respond to Chastek directly, but he does … Continue reading

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