Cool Blogs to Check Out

Hey, these are some other awesome blogs for you to follow:

    • Crude Ideas – Crude and I share the same views on most things, but Crude is a better writer than I am. Also, his focus is more specific than mine. Highly recommended.
    • Edward Feser – If any blog is a must read, this one is. Dr. Feser, a Catholic Professor of Philosophy who has written several well-reviewed books, is one of the biggest reasons I’m a Catholic today. There is no finer blog out there for my money.
    • Tertiary Propositions – The blog writer, blankexpression, is the same age I am, so it’s interesting to see what normal people my age write about.
    • What’s Wrong With the World – One of the best conservative blogs you’ll find out there. The viewpoints there, while all very conservative, are varied enough to make it interesting (I tend to be slightly less conservative than they are, in fact – which is saying something, though not necessarily anything bad). It’s worth it to take a look at their comments sections, which are occasionally more interesting than the actual article.
    • These Stone Walls – This blog is really unique. It is run by a Priest, Fr. Gordon MacCrae, who has been in prison for over 18 years on the grounds that he molested young boys. Here’s the kicker – the evidence strongly suggests that he’s innocent and has been jailed unjustly. There are mountains of that evidence, which can be found on the blog. For what it’s worth, while I’m of course not completely certain that he’s innocent, I really hope he is. His writing is really first-rate, powerful stuff.
    • Fr. Z’s Blog – This blog, winner of several Catholic blog awards, is also run by a Priest, Fr. John Zuhlsdorf. Fr. Z is what I would call ultra-traditionalist, though he would probably totally deny that label. He is emphatically NOT anti-Vatican II, so that’s a very good thing indeed. He’s an excellent writer who I agree with probably 99% of the time, and well worth a read.
    • Holy Souls Hermitage [UPDATE: NOW PRIVATIZED. Can only get in with permission from the host, who hasn’t approved me as of yet] – Another blog run by a Priest, Fr. George David Byers. He is a hermit in the diocese of Charlotte, North Carolina. He offers a refreshingly different, but equally orthodox, perspective from Fr. Z – not radically different, of course, but different enough to make reading both viewpoints interesting.
    • Zippy Catholic – I just started reading Zippy a couple of days ago, and his blog almost immediately became one of my favorites. His posts are some of the most politely controversial you’ll ever see. His ability to offend without saying anything offensive at all is really pretty amazing.
    • Bellomy Overthinks Everything – My other blog. Philosophy, laughter, and reviews in a weird, loving hodgepodge.

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