One Last Thing, Before Results

I’ve realized now that I’m just getting very bored of rhetoric used against me. Not that it doesn’t bother me; it just tends to frustrate me more than anything else. Yes, yes, I’m a terrible evil moron, but what does that have to do with anything?

If somebody is willing to engage me in a long conversation or debate, then they should engage me in a long conversation or debate. I’m not interested in how much of a racist Darwinian bigot I am. Perhaps you’re right, but if we’re having a back and forth that tells me nothing about your views except that you don’t have the self-control to resist insulting people you talk with.

I think many people believe horrible, nasty things, but if I decide to engage them in a conversation about it, then I engage them; my opinion of how horrible they are has nothing to do with it.

The debates between Louise Mensch and Vox Day are a good example of the types of discussions that should be had, if you claim you’re going to discuss things at all. The debates going on in the above linked thread are not.

“I don’t care” really is a surprisingly good slogan. Of course, it also makes a lot of people angry – which I’ve increasingly come to realize is hardly a concern of mine.

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11 Responses to One Last Thing, Before Results

  1. Crude says:

    Louise Mensch. Ugh.

  2. Currently sloughing my way through Wright’s piece now. I like the man but I honestly cannot comprehend his almost zealous defence of the egalitarian ideal, because it is clear that the destruction of hierarchical society has been so manifestly disastrous for the formation, fostering and development of Christendom. Republican, Monarchical or anything in-between.

    All men are equal before God, and by no other measure. Its how you manage the inequality that determines the common good of a nation, all else is, as C.S. Lewis put it, like taking an archway, dissembling the pieces and laying them out flat and claiming that it is a far superior construction.

    • Yeah. “All men are equal before God” is true and important, but I am not God, and in front of me I need to deal with the many ways people are different.

      The responses are worse. Tom Simon becomes a worse zealot than Wright, and I consider him the far superior essayist.

    • I mean, look at the whole “Born to rule/Born to serve” thing. No, men may not be born to rule, but they MAY be born with qualities that make them better suited to be a ruler than another person. That alone invalidates that claim.

      If he means it any other way it’s simply demonstrably false. Throughout history many men have been born into families were they were in a lineage to become the next ruler, than did. By *definition*, even if they were not best suited for the job, they were born to rule.

      Whether or not this *should* be the case is another matter, but it hasn’t been “proven false”, nor can it be even in theory.

    • The only way it makes sense is to say that men should not be rulers on the grounds of being born into a particular family. This is at least a coherent claim, but then one would need to *make the case* that such societies are *worse*; there is no reason such a system is inherently immoral. That people happen to be equal before the throne of God has nothing to do with it.

  3. Zippy says:

    Good grief Wright uses a whole lotta words to say a whole lotta nothing. That essay makes Moldbug look pithy.

  4. Wood says:

    I don’t know how anyone can read that whole thing. Anyway, today, tonight, tomorrow, and accidentally listening to Megyn Kelly are almost certainly the reasons the Lord gave us rye whiskey.

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