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Real Girl Power

If this does not make you tear up, you have a heart of stone. For those who can’t watch the video (no, seriously, watch it) a young pregnant mother named Ashley Bridges was told she had bone cancer while pregnant. … Continue reading

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Some Shakespeare Fun

I saw a performance of Shakespeare’s Macbeth over the summer. The quality of the production was excellent. There were no weak actors and everything was professional level…as well it should be for forty dollar tickets. Watching the play reminded me … Continue reading

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I Was Wrong About the Old Testament

But not for the reasons you think. I’ve realized, now, what my mistake was. In retrospect, it should have been obvious. There is nothing intrinsically immoral with waging war against the enemy. There is nothing wrong with the execution of … Continue reading

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Since I Doubt Chad is Going to Respond…

…Though I hope I’m wrong… …I’ve decided to take a page out of Vox’s book and actually respond to people’s criticisms of me, however petty I think they may be. I do think it’s important to refute accusations against my … Continue reading

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Review: “The Walking Dead” Video Game, Season 1 (Mild Language)

Spoiler warning, of course. I had a very long review over halfway written that was swallowed up by the internet gods, and so here is “The Walking Dead” Video Game Review, Take 2: TL;DR: I tentatively recommend the game but … Continue reading

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But it’s all so clear to me!

Lost in the midst of this discussion on the morality of Old Testament genocide is that when one side claims that it is very clear that God is ordering genocide and the killing of infants in the Old Testament what … Continue reading

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A Quicker Response

Free Northerner responded to my post about God wanting a woman to commit divorce with this: a) Is she a prophet through whom divine revelation flows? b) Where in that mess of self-justification does God directly and undeniably command her … Continue reading

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The New Masthead

My old one, “I’m a guy who’s not a philosopher but acts like one, etc…”, was too long, and I wanted something that reflected my worldview more succinctly. Who better for that than Lewis? I’ve mentioned it before, but that … Continue reading

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God Suspended the Moral Law for this Divorcee

Look at it yourself. This woman first talks about how horribly unhappy her marriage is. No physical abuse, no adultery – but look, she was REALLY, really unhappy! So she looked to God for advice: I studied the passages over … Continue reading

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Review: “One Bright Star to Guide Them”, by John C. Wright

First off: Some spoilers, but I’ll try and give up as little as I can. Now: TL;DR review: After reading the BRILLIANT “City Beyond Time”, and being a huge Lewis fanboy, I found “One Bright Star to Guide Them” disappointing, … Continue reading

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