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An Update: “City Beyond Time”, by John C. Wright

I’m going to get around writing reviews of the individual stories later, but I’m 203 pages in and the book is superb. Absolutely superb. Brilliant concept, brilliant execution, brilliant prose…everything is fantastic. Currently my favorite story is still the first … Continue reading

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“C.S. Lewis Signature Classics” and “The Book Thief” are Required for two of my Classes

This wil be a fun year.

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So I’m Getting Into Sci-Fi

I’m in the middle of “That Hideous Strength” and recently finished “I, Robot” (Genius, by the way. Aasimov was a master. “Liar” in particular stood out to me as both a smart application of the Three Laws and a brilliant … Continue reading

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Pay no Attention to that Gay Man Behind the Curtain

“His Last Vow” won best actor, supporting actor, outstanding music composition, and writing. “The Normal Heart”, a gay romance movie, won best overall. Nothing political about that, of course!

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“His Last Vow” With Two Emmy Wins so Far

Best Writing in a Miniseries for Moffat and Best Supporting Actor for Freeman as Watson (naturally). Both 100% deserved, “His Last Vow” was outstanding. particularly writing-wise, and Freeman, as always, was stellar. He is quite possibly my favorite actor right … Continue reading

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You Have Issues (Some Minor Strong Language)

So the Emmys are nearly upon us, and that means “Breaking Bad” is getting lots and lots of nominations. Full disclosure: I have not watched a ton of “Breaking Bad”, but I had heard so many amazing things about “Ozymandias”, … Continue reading

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Video Game Developers are Sexiss [Now UPDATED]

I downloaded a free game off of Steam called Depression Quest.* The only point of it is to give non-depressed people an idea of what depression is like, and I got it because I have depressed or formerly depressed friends … Continue reading

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