Malcolm the Cynic’s Two Bold Predictions:

  1. Joe Biden is going be one of the most popular presidents ever in his first term. He is going to start off by literally giving out 2,000 dollars to everybody. As spring rolls in, the Corona-chan virus numbers will obviously go down. And because of the vaccination program, they won’t go back up again.

    Biden is going to take full credit for all of this and this narrative will be pushed relentlessly by all media, including the “right”. His approval numbers will break records, and not because they’re faked.
  2. When he inevitably dies – probably by the end of this year, maybe sometime next year – President Harris will be perhaps our least popular president ever. She will leave office widely despised.

We’ll all see soon enough!

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3 Responses to Malcolm the Cynic’s Two Bold Predictions:

  1. James Pyles says:

    I can see your first prediction coming true easily, but because of Harris’s gender and ethnic background, given the level of elevation those qualities are given, she might end up going out more like Obama. Of course, Ben Shapiro said that the Democratic party today isn’t like it was even during the Obama administration, but it’s possible that she’ll get away with a lot more (socialism) than Obama even dreamed of.

  2. dpmonahan says:

    If you thought media whoring for Biden was bad wait until you see what they do for Harris. They will fall all over themselves to anoint her and avoid having her actually campaign since whenever she speaks people realize just how much of a reptile she is.

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