Sure, I’ll say something

Stop me if you heard this one: 2020 was weird.

But really, for me personally it was weird.

Professionally, I can only describe it as a major success. I have a full time job in my field with benefits; it doesn’t pay a lot right now but all things considered this is an enormous step up. If you had asked me when the year began if I wanted to be working where I am right now at this point, I would have said yes without a second’s hesitation. It took a lot of hard work to reach this point. I’m incredibly thankful.

Writing-wise, I am one of the writers for Pinkerton’s Ghosts, which is currently being hosted on Unauthorized. Incidentally, unlike a lot of people with small blogs or columns who go AWOL, I didn’t. You can find find content written and acted by me; look up Pinkerton’s Ghosts on Youtube. Every third Pinkerton story, starring Sean Russo, is done by me. A new Pinkerton’s comes out every Friday at 7:00 EST. I have high hopes for this. Ben Wheeler is the Captain of this ship and he’s good – very good. Ken Dickason, the other writer on the team and our technical wizard, is no slouch either. This project got me writing regularly for the first time in years, arguably ever. At least since “Tales of the Once and Future King” came out.

So again, my writing career is going…shockingly well.

But 2020 was weird. Despite all of that, I spent the majority of the year fairly miserable, and for obvious reasons. Knowing that I SHOULDN’T be miserable is one thing; actually learning how to not be obnoxiously gloomy all the time is another. I tend towards cynicism, hence the name of this blog.

I have goals for 2021. I don’t believe in “new year, new goals”; they are extensions of where I was already heading. Professionally, I have a couple, but I won’t write them here. Writing-wise, sometime in the next year I want my first finished novel published.

Will 2021 be better than 2020? I’m Malcolm the Cynic. My answer remains “No”. It will be noticeably worse.

Sorry, I got nothing. Happy New Year everyone!

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4 Responses to Sure, I’ll say something

  1. dpmonahan says:

    2020 was great for me too. That is what happens when you ignore the propaganda.

  2. Rudolph Harrier says:

    “2020 was the worst year ever” is a conditioned propaganda response.

    Not that there weren’t many bad things about it. But that’s not why people make that statement. They make it because they have been conditioned to do so.

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