The Global Warming Zone, Part 16: Fine, fine, less sarcasm

I have been told that my last post looked desperate; that now that I was proven wrong I’m just refusing to admit and backtracking to cover myself.

Look, guys, I don’t know what to tell you. You’ll have to take my word for it that if I thought the numbers were even close to accurate I’d admit I was wrong, but I really and truly don’t. I just don’t.

If that’s enough for you to call me flaky or a liar, well, go ahead. You can feel happy knowing that my blog has exactly zero influence on anybody and I’m only writing at all as an outlet to express my annoyance at the situation without getting into real life arguments with people.

As for me? Well, I’m not going to say “Looks like I was wrong, we hit 100,000 deaths and were right to lockdown!” when I simply do not think that. In fact, I’m highly skeptical we’re even particularly close.

And really, say I am wrong. Say that all of the evidence and rumors of case and death juicing are just rumors, not true, or overblown. Say that we really are undercounting deaths and we’re actually much higher (if you think that I have something to sell yo…no, bad Malcolm! Thought experiments now!).

Even if that is the case, Fauci and Birx should still be fired. Consider: Originally our “low number” was 100,000 dead, then we dropped as low – admitted – as 60,000 dead, then 66,000, and within DAYS of that we were back to almost 100,000 dead.

What does this look like to you: A competent and effective team giving good guidance on what we should be doing, when, and how?

Or does it look like nonsense on stilts that’s literally being made up on the fly as events go along?

Why are we even assuming the lockdowns did anything? Who even knows what the lockdowns did? Who are you trusting here? The WHO? The CDC? Fauci and Birx? None of them have been in the ballpark of right all along, unless you count the roulette ball spinning into the 100,000 slot as “right”. In the case of Fauci he was certainly wrong more times than he was right at best.

So what do I really think?

I think the evidence that lockdowns are killing people is very strong.

I think the evidence is getting stronger and stronger daily that the number of deaths is wildly inflated.

I think the evidence is getting stronger and stronger daily that the number of positive cases is even MORE wildly inflated, which of course just increases with the death count even more. In VA at least it’s undeniable.

I think it’s still undeniable that we are not, and are not close to, running out of hospital room or supplies.

I think that historically this is still a piddling and lame pandemic that clearly should have been handled on a county by county basis so that we would all forget about it in a couple of years.

There is good news. I can report that in most of NJ the lockdown is effectively over. Rita’s Italian Ice opened and a huge crowd formed outside of it, parks are crowded, and when I drive I often see huge biker groups hanging out with no social distancing and, uh, few masks.

So Murphy can say or do what he wants but effectively the weather is too nice for anyone to care.

I don’t know what to tell you guys, except that I don’t think I’m wrong. You can call me out on this or not, but it is what it is.

Wash your hands.

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4 Responses to The Global Warming Zone, Part 16: Fine, fine, less sarcasm

  1. Joseph Moore says:

    – 20-25% of all deaths are nursing home patients. IOW, people being warehoused until they die.
    – 95% of all deaths are to people with co-morbidities.
    – CDC stopped announcing flu deaths 6 weeks early this year; according to the CDC, the symptoms of COVID 19 are the same as the flu; both lead to pneumatic, which is what typically kills; NYC retroactively reclassified a bunch of deaths as COVID 19 based on symptoms.

    The final, inescapable sign of juiced numbers: if COVID 19 has killed 66k ppl, then we should be running about 66k deaths ahead of historically-based predictions. You can look it up on the CDC website: we’re a couple thousand deaths ahead.

    Conclusion: between 67-95% of deaths ascribed to COVID 19 are people who were dying of something else already. Otherwise, they would show up in the gross count as additional deaths.

  2. Aethelfrith says:

    CDC revised DOWN the fatality numbers, (37k) so you weren’t wrong.

  3. Rudolph Harrier says:

    The one thing that we can be sure of is that our government has lied to us.

    Lockdowns were made to flatten the curve, with it being said that it would be impossible to stop the disease through lockdowns. The intent was only to prevent hospitals from getting overrun. Hospitals did not even get close to being overrun, especially out of New York, but in most places lockdown efforts are continuing.

    Masks were said to be largely counterproductive in the early stages of the disease, now many states are moving towards making their use mandatory (even while the spread slows).

    I’ve seen people defend these as being necessary lies. In their view the lockdowns were necessary to prevent millions of deaths, but people wouldn’t have believed the models, and so the government had to make it about the more urgent threat of hospitals being overrun. Similarly, masks were always effective (to some extent) but there was a worry that if masks were encouraged people would use medical grade masks and we’d have a shortage of those. Now that we’ve secured a supply of medical grade masks, we can encourage the public to wear lesser quality masks.

    The thing that frustrates me about the defenders of these lies is that they refuse to consider that the government might still be lying. They say it’s ridiculous to think that death counts might be inflated, since medical professionals wouldn’t lie about such things. Despite the same people admitting and praising the same officials for lying in the past. This is some new variant of Gell-Mann amnesia.

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