Because it’s not about quality Sci-Fi

It’s about having the wrong think.

Well several of the Puppies authors are very close to calling a boycott of Tor due to the statements of Irene Gallo. I’m not going to bother linking to them; google the name and you’ll see what I mean.

I’m not so sure I can go with this, mostly because of Michael Flynn and Gene Wolfe. Or at least Wolfe. Flynn should find another publisher without too much trouble, but Gene Wolfe is in his 80’s and as far as I know doesn’t have an e-mail address, and he’s been with Tor for years. It doesn’t feel right to force him out. On the other hand, it’s frankly shocking she hasn’t been fired. In literally any other job, if somebody made that sort of comment about customers and colleagues they’d be fired on the spot with a note not to come back.

Her apology that apologized to no one does not help matters. Nor does Tor claiming that the many e-mails they got were sent by bots.

So in principle I suppose I have no issue with the boycott. I wouldn’t be a ton of help, though. I buy little Tor anyway.

Meanwhile, let’s look at the Morlock reaction to this:

You know what? I’m a real person too. I’m a real person who thinks that the shit that Theodore Beale has pulled in the community has helped inflame tensions and increase divides in the SFF community. I’m a real person who reads what Beale writes on his blog and sees that if Irene is wrong in calling Rabid Puppies Neonazis, its a pretty thin wedge. Anyone who dreams of the day that mass murderer Breivik will be as revered as George Washington is someone whose beliefs are toxic to the SF community. Anyone who believes discredited ideas on genetics and race and intelligence is toxic to the SF community. Anyone who believes that shooting at migrant ships in the Mediterranean would solve the issue of migrants is someone whose beliefs are toxic to the SF community. I could go on, and on, and on.

I’m a real person too. A real person who does not want the community to reflect the views of Theodore Beale and his rabid puppies.

Do you see the difference?

Irene Gallo insulted colleagues and customers in the science fiction community.

Vox Day Voxemort He Who Must Not Be Named Tom Riddle Theodore Beale has wrongthink. His politics are wrong. Therefore, it’s okay to insult your colleagues and your customers.


This perfectly illustrates the SJW/Morlock (rolls off the tongue better) and Rabid/Sad Puppies divide. The Puppies care about science fiction and the science fiction community. The Morlocks care about punishing badthink. Even badthink by association. From a commenter:

Don’t want to be associated with Beale’s views? Don’t associate with Beale. Easy fix.

I have to give him credit for full honesty. This is the first time I’ve seen a Morlock actually admit they believed in guilt by association.

Well, it looks as if I’m going to be considered guilty soon, as Vox Day will be one of the authors published in my upcoming robot anthology. I contacted his publishing house to see if he’d be interested in taking the book and he, without asking, submitted a story to me I was under no obligation to take it. I liked it. So I suppose I’m a neo-nazi now too.

I’ll disclaimer here: No, I’m not.

The anthology contains female authors, mixed race authors, and white authors. I suppose if not for that last one it would be perfectly diverse.

But that doesn’t matter. Vox Day is involved, which means badthink. Which means nobody can read it without getting the Taint.

I’ll leave it up to the readers, when it comes out, to decide whether or not it’s worth getting the Taint to read the calibre of authors I’ve managed to assemble, which includes three Hugo nominees and a Nebula nominee, among others.

I think you’ll all like it, though.

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