So That Healthcare Debate

Hopefully Bernie’s got good healthcare, because the beating he’s taking is savage.

Seriously, if there was ever any doubt Bernie was actually a clown, this should hopefully clear that up.

Also, this should really end any ideas that Bernie is really a “nice guy”. Just listen to the contempt he has for the middle class dripping off of every sentence. Yeesh.

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A Quick Note

Earlier I gave my brief piece on lust vs. eros and what that means, and the correlation from there is that this is in some ways a Protestant/Catholic divide. And so, if that thread was anything to go by, it tends to be.

But – and some people may not like this – this seems, to me, to stem from a misunderstanding of what Catholics traditionally mean when they use the world “lust” as opposed to erotic love or something of that nature.

Take this link. It’s long and well-written enough, but the conclusion it comes to by the end is actually already strikingly similar to the traditional interpretation of that verse already! The misinterpretation arose when the nuance was lost in the distinction between lust/eros – a distinction I had already learned by my senior year Catholic theology class.

Just a thought.

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The Problem with Calling for an American Crusade

…Is that we’re obviously not in a situation where that’s feasible.

Look, the idea of a crusade is romantic. It’s tempting to think about raining down death upon our enemies – progressives, SJW’s, what have you.

But we’re not there. We know we’re not there because if we were there the people calling for the crusade would be attempting to form armies and start a revolution. They’re not, because they can’t. We, in America, are simply not in a position where such a thing is feasible.

It’s well and good to say that at one point, you need to kill the enemy, but we don’t have it so easy. We can’t – not now. And so we’re stuck with conversion as our best tool yet.

God help us all.

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A Conversation I Had Today

Currently while finishing my schooling I work a part time job in retail. My co-workers are the usual retail mix – that is, mostly young people out of high school scattered amongst older folks who never got the education to go further. This environment is more or less what you’d think it would be like.

Nevertheless, I actually generally like my co-workers, or at least appreciate their company, some of whom I’ve been working with for some time now. One girl who works near my position and has for some time had this brief conversation with me (for context, I have become notorious for remaining staunchly apolitical and uncontroversial, as in, precisely the opposite of how I write on this blog):

ME (I had just considered walking across the parking lot to the convenience store on my break, but decided against it because it was too cold): Of course, if the winter stays this warm, maybe I WILL go one day.

GIRL (Clearly trying to bait me)*: Well, that’s because of that global warming! Why do so many people not believe in climate change even though all of the scientists say it’s true?

ME (Turns to the girl): Okay, [Name], do you know any climate science? Anything at all? Do you know why scientists think the world is warming? Do you have any idea how to stop it? Because – I’ll be honest – I don’t, and I doubt you do. All I know is that right now, I need to drive my car, and so I will do that. And right now, this warm winter weather has been really great. What that means for the climate at large I’ll let the scientists work out.

The girl laughed, and I went off to break.

*This was really pretty harmless. My non-views had become such an established part of the shared culture at this point that trying to get me to reveal my stance had long been a running gag with my co-workers.

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Living in the Insane Asylum

I often criticize John C. Wright. I’m always worried I’m giving the wrong impression of John. I agree with him even now more often than I disagree, and we’re actually colleagues, if in a somewhat limited sense, behind the scenes (the lovely Mrs. Wright, on the other hand, has been an enormous boon to both myself and my sister and we are eternally grateful for her aid).

Reading John often gives me the impression that I’m being gaslighted; that somebody as intelligent and incredibly well-educated as him can be missing things so blindingly obvious to me surely means I’m missing something, right? And maybe I am, but ultimately I read several very intelligent people who all disagree with each other and need to come to my own conclusions.

This essay by John is  good example of both why I think he has a lot of interesting stuff to say and where I think he goes spectacularly wrong. I fully agree that white nationalism is a complete misfire and a mistake. And this:

What everyone thinks is “the White race” is nothing more or less than the ghost of an increasingly decayed and secular Protestantism trying to find a secular replacement for the spirit of the Catholic Church, which, before the Reformation, was the sole animating spirit of Western Europe.

…Sounds pretty spot on to me. I try to keep my blog particularly fairly neutral between the various Christian sects, but you don’t necessarily need to be Catholic to see this; replace the uppercase C in Catholic with a lowercase c and you get the same effect.

…But then he says things like this:

America, the first nation in history where all men were free to worship each man as his conscience saw fit, was the most Christian nation in history, despite having not a single pro-Christian law on any lawbooks. It was a Christian nation by custom and by culture, not by laws.

This strikes me as so spectacularly, unbelievably wrong as to be mind-boggling. America was founded by a group of people made up largely of deists and Freemasons; many Christians were at the Constitutional Convention, but the folks commonly cited as the Founding Fathers were almost exclusively of that persuasion. They were religious to a certain extent but didn’t care a jot about Christianity in particular. John Locke, the man whose philosophy had arguably the largest influence of all on the U.S. government, was a strident anti-Catholic.

And it is worth noting that up until John F. Kennedy being Catholic was seen as being, if not anti-American, something that should make people dangerously suspicious of your patriotism. After all, as G.K. Chesterton pointed out, America is a Church, so when you hold yourself to a Church that actually has an earthly leader and holds power in a physical, formal government, it starts to look an awful lot like you’re having faith in a whole ‘nother Church.

This conflict – ironically – between Church and state was a big issue with American Catholics for generations; the heresy was (and is) called Americanism. John F. Kennedy got around it by waiting for all the hubbub surrounding it to die down then promptly committing the heresy in as flagrant and public a way as possible while loudly proclaiming that was not, not, NOT what he was doing. It is actually quite similar to what happened with usury and sexual morality: The issue started off uncontroversial, slowly became contentious, lead to an explicit “just the facts” statement by the Church confirming the original teaching (in the case of Americanism, there were actually multiple encyclicals), and then with everything supposedly resolved the just the facts statement was promptly ignored.

And this nation, this nation founded by deists and freemasons based on the philosophy of a strident anti-Catholic and explicitly attempting to align itself with the principles of the anti-religious French revolution, I am apparently supposed to believe is the most Christian state since the middle ages because of *mumblemumbleumble* something with the first amendment.

I don’t get it.

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Thoughts on “Sherlock’s” “The Final Problem


My big analysis: It leaned in on all of the problems with the series, but executed them really well.

As a result it’s exceptionally well done for what it is but never as good as “Sherlock” at its best. Better than “The Blind Banker”, “The Empty Hearse”, and “The Six Thatchers”. Worse than everything else. People compared it to “The Reichenbach Fall”. No way. “The Reichenbach Fall” was superior in every way, as it is to most things.

It was okay, but after the great return to form with “The Lying Detective” I was a bit disappointed.

I’d be unhappy with this as a finale. Here’s hoping season five is actually about Sherlock and John solving cases.

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Why Trump Won


Samantha Bee, message received: You hate middle class white Americans.

So obviously as a middle class white American you’re totally the person I should be listening to about politics.

The contempt is so palpable.

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