My Governmental Philosophy

First off, a happy Thanksgiving to you all. Second off, nothing prompted this specifically. Just happened to be on my mind.

I describe myself to people as a Tolkienite. Tolkien called himself an anarcho-monarchist; his idea was basically that the government’s job was to leave well enough alone until it absolutely had to, and the form of government that he saw had the least potential for meddling was monarchy. Think extreme subsidiarity.

I am not an anarcho-MONARCHIST, but I am a believer in extreme subsidiarity. My governmental philosophy can be described as “let the lowest level of authority handle things until a higher level of authority has to intervene”. Whether the monarchy is the absolute best form  of government for this philosophy I am too uninformed to say, but I can imagine most forms of government can be structured this way if properly constructed; were I British I’d probably be a monarchist.

So that’s that. It’s simplistic, but the details will all stem from that base.

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So I Just Solved Death Note

Superversive SF and Castalia House are probably tired of me blathering on about Death Note, so I’ll throw out my theory here. This will make sense only to people who know the story, but whatever.

I know how L could have won. Even with Light’s plan to use Rem, I know how L still could have won the game.

It goes like this:

L suspects the 13 day rule is fake, right?

Instead of testing it in front of Light and the task force, L should come in and tell everyone – Light included – that he has picked out two death row inmates to test the 13 day rule on the Death Note using a torn out page. The first prisoner will kill the second prisoner, and when he dies they will know in 13 days whether the rule is fake or not.

Now Light’s plan is forcibly delayed 13 days. Killing L will no longer accomplish anything for Misa, so naturally Rem won’t do it, since it will result in her own death.

L shows the whole thing on a live feed. The first inmate kills the second inmate, who dies on the feed within forty seconds. Now the game has started.

Imagine you are Light. There are two possibilities here. First, the first inmate was using a real piece of the Death Note and the second inmate really dies. This means that if the first inmate survives longer than 13 days Misa is put under direct suspicion again and Light himself is almost certainly screwed eventually. So the obvious answer here is to kill the inmate on day 13, solving the problem.

…Except that’s not the only problem. Remember, Light is watching this through a video feed. That first Death Note page can easily be a fake, and the second inmate could easily have faked his death. It is a heart attack after all. How would you know?

If this is the case, if the first inmate dies after 13 days this basically conclusively proves Light is Kira, because no other suspect could possibly even know who the first inmate was. If the first inmate dies, Light convicts himself. He’s in trouble. Thus the brilliance of the plan: If Light does nothing, but he’s wrong, he’s screwed. If Light kills him, but he’s wrong, he’s screwed. This all essentially relies on Light guessing directly.

What do you do if you’re Light? The answer here is that you of course need to figure out if the second Death Note inmate is actually dead. The only way to prove that is to find the original ripped out fragment of the Death Note and confirm inmate 2’s name is on it. Let’s say L hid it, but you find it, and see the inmate’s name, and independently confirm that’s his real name. Thus you’re saved – inmate 2 is dead. How do you find it?

No clue. Light has 13 days, there’s room to work. And before you say “But that’s just stupid, why would L let it be found?” just wait…

Okay. It’s the 13th day. Light knows inmate 2 is actually dead, and thus the correct answer is to kill inmate 1. He does this. So that’s that, right? Rule proven true, now Light can go ahead with his plan to use Rem to kill L. All he has to do is frame L as Misa’s greatest threat. Simple enough.

…Except L reveals a surprise: Light is wrong. Inmate 1 DID have a fake Death Note…and thus his death reveals Light as Kira. L wins!

But how?

The answer is simple: There is a third inmate.

Let’s use three terms here: The Bait, The Dummy, and Kira. The Bait is used to force Light to make a decision; he uses a fake Death Note, and on a live feed. The Dummy is misdirection. He is dead whatever happens; the important point here is that Light believes the dummy is the key to the whole thing, when in fact his death is irrelevant to Light’s response either way.

Kira is inmate number 3. At the same time as The Bait uses his fake piece of the Death Note Kira uses a real piece of the Death Note to kill the dummy, and the poor Dummy is dead either way.

Since Kira is a complete secret, there is no way for Light to stop the 13 day rule from being tested regardless. L is at worst going to put Misa and indirectly Light back under serious suspicion, and he may well have enough to arrest Misa again. But that’s not why the plan is brilliant.

What if L lets Light figure out that The Dummy really was killed? How? I dunno exactly. I mean it’s 13 days of time, give me a chance to work out a plan. But it sounds plausible.

This is why The Bait works – learning that the death of The Dummy is for real convinces Light that his only play is to kill The Bait.

And that signs his death warrant, because that means that the only person who can possibly be Kira is Light. And now L has proof. Light is toast…and incidentally L survives.

Ta da.

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A Quick Remembrance of Roy Halladay

Some of you may know, and some may not, that I am a huuuuuuuuuge baseball fan. I’m not a live and breathe it guy, and most years I don’t see a game in person, but I follow inning by inning via MLB Gameday if I can’t see the game and watch it if I can, and I hang out on the baseball blogs. My team? Yankees. I made sure to get off of work to watch game 7 of the ALCS this year (best Yankees blog, by the way, is River Ave Blues, by a country mile).

I’ve only been watching since 2007 – for ten years. And for three of those years – 2007 to 2009 – I got to see Roy “Doc” Halladay pitching for the Toronto Blue Jays, in the same division as the Yankees. And man did I hate playing him.

Don’t misunderstand me. Halladay never gave off a bad vibe; he seemed like a nice guy. Never in the news for saying stupid crap for anything like that. He was a great story, too, coming back from a historically awful rookie season to have a Hall of Fame career.

But to play against him? Awful.

As I haven’t been watching that long, relatively, I can say with complete confidence that Roy Halladay is, bar none, the best, most dominating pitcher I’ve ever seen. Oh, there were pitchers with better stuff, more wicked sliders, faster fastballs, and lots of sexy strikeouts. Justin Verlander comes to mind immediately.

But Halladay? He’d make it look EASY. When the Yankees faced him it was like they might as well not have bothered showing up. It felt like he threw a two hit shutout Every. Single. Time. And with no hard contact! Dribbling grounders, infield pop-ups, broken bats…

And the at-bats wouldn’t even be competitive! Next thing you know you’re in the ninth inning, Halladay is at 88 pitches and you’re wondering why the hell you’re still watching. Sure it might only be a two run lead, but come on…it’s Roy Halladay.

Is it any surprise that Halladay happened to pitch a perfect game? Nah. He’d be the guy to do it. He’d also be the guy to pitch a no-hitter in the playoffs, the only guy to do it since Don Larsen pitched a perfect game in the World Series.

Truthfully, I have no specific, defining image of Roy Halladay burned into my brain, because all of his starts blended together for me. It was just one long string of constant domination; the individual game hardly mattered.

Like I said – easily the most dominant pitcher I’ve ever seen, and if you asked me I wouldn’t even have to think.

What a loss.

RIP Roy Halladay.

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John C. Wright:

Voting is not burning a pinch of incense to Caesar. We Christians are required by the word of the Word of God himself to render up to Caesar what is due Caesar. In a republic, voting, like jury duty, is an obligation no less binding than paying taxes.

Don’tsayanything Don’tsayanything Don’tsayanything…


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Something That Bugs Me

So I was discussing things with a friend and remembered reading an article about how romantic attraction was a choice. I couldn’t remember where I first read it, but after a quick Google I found it here. And against my better judgment – and it was my better judgment, believe me – I got sucked into some of the articles.

I sound harsh. The blog actually isn’t that bad at all. There’s some good stuff there – like the article I previously linked. But articles like this piss me off – basically an article trying to be an advertisement for online dating.

Instead, my options could very likely be “marry a man who is right for me and lives far away vs. not get married at all.”

And that was when I rethought my willingness to move.

I will grant that there are some people who cannot relocate for a relationship. Yes, I’m looking at you, Mr. or Ms. Children At Home Part Time. I have yet to encounter a situation that I believe would justify moving away from a minor child. Others may have similar responsibilities that they legitimately can’t leave. But beyond that, I’m not sure there are a whole lot of ironclad reasons to insist on staying put.

My family, friends, and job are all here.

You say,  “But my family is here.  My friends are here!  My job is here!  I love my gym! I don’t want to give all of that up.” Of course you don’t. Neither do I. I live in God’s country. I have built a very successful business here. I live near my brothers and sisters, whom I love. But would I give all of that up for a happy marriage to the right man? I’m pretty sure I would.

See, I find this insulting. It implies that the reason I won’t search the country and move 300 miles away to marry the woman of my dreams is because I don’t value marriage enough. But there is a much, much simpler reason:

I can’t.

Let’s go through the hypotheticals here.

Let’s say, using this site, I find a wonderful woman who lives, oh, forty hours away by car. We get to know each other, through skype and online. We get along well!

Now the time has come to meet her in person. I could either:

A) Take a plane. Hundreds of dollars at least


B) Take a car. That’s money lost I could be making at work, money lost in gas, and a hell of a lot of time lost, including money spent at a motel. We’re talking hundreds of dollars again probably.

And what am I going to do? Say hi, grab a cup of coffee, and leave?

Spend a weekend together?

All right. What if we don’t click?

This isn’t entirely hypothetical. I actually know flesh and blood people who have talked to folks online, chatted, skyped, had seemingly great chemistry…then went on a single date and decided it was not to be. And it wasn’t a bad deal for them, because they were within driving distance of each other, and I mean a day trip where you’re back home in time to watch the ballgame.

Articles like this are telling me to take this sort of chance on a person I have never met in person because maybe, one day, I’ll be so in love with them I’d be willing to uproot my entire life and move next to them.

And what if the one date goes well? That date wasn’t cheap, right? How rich exactly does Catholicmatch think people are? When will the next date be, another three months? Six? How is this courtship process supposed to work?

I guess they’re trying to find people rich enough to fill their coffers.

Blech. Just annoying.

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A Simple Formula

If the women blowing Weinstein are doing nothing wrong, neither is Weinstein.

If Weinstein is doing something wrong by getting girls to blow him for roles, then the women blowing him are also doing something wrong.

It’s that simple.

Rape, of course, is something different entirely.

Keep in mind that I have nothing but disgust and contempt for Harvey Weinstein and the morally repugnant sludgepool that is Hollywood.

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Let’s Go One Step Further

From John C. Wright:

And those of you who have resisted the sexual revolution and its lies, or who even now are beginning to question the layered system of uproarious falsehoods on which it is built, if you have wondered why feminists and modern young women in general are so crazy, let pity replace condemnation.

The evil fantasy world in which they live is actually the world in which they live.

This is how their fellow Leftists treat them. The division of the world into powerful exploiters and weak victims, a world without heroines able to slap a cad, a world without men willing to punch or knife a cad, a world with all cads and no men, that is the world of the Left.

She merely cannot say who the oppressor is. She cannot name the disease. So she blames the doctor. She cannot name the arsonist. She blames the fireman.

Ignore anything coming out her mouth as nonsense. Let her be silent. But treat the wound she bears as real and as serious. If you are in the Last Crusade, your mission is to save the damsel, not to condemn her, even when the damsel is a termagant.

Did you think this business would be easy?

Why, this is not far enough. Why stop at condemning the damsel? Why are we condemning the oppressor? Did they not grow up after the sexual revolution? Did they not come from broken homes and a godless society? Were they not placed in situations where their worldview was warped and their morality twisted?

Why condemn the murderous drug-addicted junkie who killed a man for a hit? Did you know his wife divorced him (took all his money too after cheating on him, that bitch!)? His daddy beat him? Of COURSE he got involved in drugs. Can you blame him? Are we really going to condemn a drug addicted murderer?

Why condemn the rapist? Look, I’ll show you a brain scan. It’s weird, right? He had a sex addiction. He grew up in a home with religious fanatics as parents who taught him to hate his sexuality. No wonder he needed some form of release. Considering his background, what were his options?

No, this is too far, I say. Do not condemn the damsel*, drug junkie murderer, rapist, or Harvey Weinstein (but I repeat myself).

No, I say we condemn none of this. Compassion for all!

Because after all, dialing back on condemnation of sinners for their sins has worked so far, right?

Forgive my sarcasm. This attitude is not healthy.

*A thought experiment: Replace the word “damsel” with the more accurate “whore”, then re-read that section and see how it sounds.

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