Come on, it’s a LITTLE suspicious

An actress I’ve never heard of named Felicia Day was afraid of giving her opinions about gamergate for fear of being doxxed, and then was doxxed…an hour later?

Three things:

1) Once again, we’re just assuming these people are gamegaters. Sure, if you identify the movement as “people who hate females who like games and are against gamergate”, it may be gamergaters. But the gamergaters THEMSELVES don’t identify themselves like that, and repeatedly condemn doxxing and harrassment. If these people who doxxed her have not identified themselves with the gamergate movement then it’s more likely they’re just angry people who decided to use gamergate as an excuse to dox somebody with views they dislike. You can be pro-gamergate without necessarily being supported by the vast majority of the movement.

2) Okay, this isn’t related to the doxxing, but she’s afraid of talking to gamers she meets on the street? What the Hell?

3) I know I’m assuming things I don’t really have inside information on, but…it has to be at least kind of suspicious that she was doxxed barely an hour after expressing fears of being doxxed, right? I mean, the speed this occurred is just a tad convenient for her point, isn’t it? Considering that, I do think it’s something that we need to at least consider as a possibility. It’s not like anti-gamergaters haven’t lied before, and as has already been seen this woman is already a little extreme in her views on this.

I’m just saying…

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A Note

It has come to my attention, looking at my stats, that a website which frequently and favorably quotes white supremacy tweets has linked to my latest Zoe Quinn post. I’m not linking to the website because I don’t want it to get traffic, flattered as I am that they liked my post.

If I had a larger, more popular blog I wouldn’t be able to do this, but I don’t, so let me be clear: I am not a white supremacist and do not believe that one race is somehow superior to another. One race may be smarter, one may be faster, but every human being is a child of God regardless of their race, and all should be treated accordingly. No human being should be treated as inferior or belittled because of their race.

This is just in case anybody has come from that site and taken a look at my blog. I don’t want the wrong impression to be given about me.

People I disagree with link to me fairly often, and that’s fine – great, even. I feel, however, as if this is a loathsome enough view of humanity that it’s worth pointing out to people that I’m not associated with it.

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If you think these are biased, you’re probably a homophobe

At the end of the entirely unremarkable Synod on the family (no, really, what was the point of that?), here’s some article titles around the web about the conclusion:

But of course the media had no dog in this fight.

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Justifed Season 4: “Decoy”

Possibly my new favorite episode of the show. It had EVERYTHING. Constable Bob, played absolutely perfectly by Patton Oswalt, is now officially my favorite new “Justified” character. Once again, “Justified” was all about build-ups and payoffs, and they’ve been teasing the awesomeness of Constable Bob all season long. Well, Bob got his moment in the sun, and it wasn’t as good as I thought it would be. It was BETTER. The torture and badassness of Constable Bob made for my favorite scene in the history of “Justified”.

But all of it was perfect. The battle of the minds between Raylan and Boyd was played out to perfection. The other duel, between Officer Tim and Boyd’s own sharpshooter, Colt, was superb in itself. Drew Thomson and Raylan having their own little back and forth was entertaining in that “Let’s just have Timothy Olyphant come up with fun ways to dismiss people” way that “Justified” loves. Even the ending, where Bob saves the day once again, was exceedingly clever. All of it was executed to perfection.

Season 4 doesn’t have villains as memorable as those in seasons 2 or 3 (I mean, you know, Mags), and it took a bit longer to get going. But now that it’s picked up, it has PICKED UP. “Slaughterhouse” and “Bloody Harlan” were great episodes because the wonderfully complex plot of the former and careful character development of the latter  lead to startling, disturbing, and clever conclusions. “Decoy” was great because it was a blast. Everything that I love about “Justified” occurred in this episode, and in true “Justified” fashion it did what “Justified” does best: Deliver on its promises. This season wasn’t going quite as well as the previous two (still great), but “Justified” rewards patience in spades. If the final episode is anywhere NEAR as good as this one, well, that’s “Justified”. When you think it’s reached its pinnacle, it tops itself.

One of the most underappreciated shows ever made.


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Don’t Let Them Control the Narrative

One of the reasons I have so much respect for Vox despite substantital disagreement on several issues is that Vox refuses to let the left control the narrative. Come Hell or highwater, Vox WILL let people know his side of things, and he’s done a great of reminding the conservatives that if we grow a pair and stand up for ourselves we actually scare them.

And with that intro I link you to this blog, Gamer Gate Harassment, which Vox first published on his site. It is superb, and anytime somebody tries to tell you what horrible horrible evil meanies the gamergaters are, link them to this. Kudos to the site’s creator.

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LOL, Zoe Quinn

Ready for a misogynistic post? I frequent a writing forum (not saying where, don’t bother asking). Writers are notoriously liberal, with rare exceptions. And these exceptions are, many times, skewered by the rest of the industry. See: Vox Day, Larry Correia, and to a lesser extent John C. Wright (who was on a list of “Writers you didn’t know were bigots” because he defended marriage between a man and a woman).

Anyway, on a writing forum, you learn to just avoid political or social discussions if you’re a conservative. If you want to post there, you just learn to discuss writing, period. But sometimes you see some gems. Like this article.

I’m not even going to do a full fisking, because it would take ages and frankly I have better things to do. Also, it pisses me off. It’s titled “Gaming Misogyny Gets Infinite Lives: Zoe Quinn, Virtual Rape, and Sexism”.

Wait, I feel better. I just learned that it was written by Amanda Marcotte. When a chimp flings shit, are you really going to feel bad? Wait, damn, misogyny again.

I’ll  give you some choice quotes.

First: “Virtual Rape?” Did somebody manage to program her webcam to probe Quinn anally or something?

Wow, we’re not even in the article yet. Okay, the article. Here’s one:

Quinn herself described the abuse as “the proliferation of nude pictures of me, death threats, vandalization, doxxing of my trans friends for having the audacity to converse with me publicly, harassment of friends and family and my friends’ family in addition to TOTALLY UNRELATED PEOPLE, sending my home address around, rape threats, memes about me being a whore, pressures to kill myself, slurs of every variety, fucking debates over what my genitals smell like,” all pushed by her ex and his use of “4chan as his own personal army.”

And why should I believe proliferate, outed liar Zoe Quinn, who lied over and over and over again and CONTINUED LYING after being caught? Because sexism?

It doesn’t even matter how much of her ex’s accusations are true or not, because it’s nothing but pure misogyny to use online harassment troops to punish a woman because she didn’t meet your standards for a girlfriend.

It doesn’t even matter if I comment on this line or not, because it’s nothing but phenomenal stupidity to claim that getting revenge on an ex is somehow misogyny and not just, you know, being pissed at your ex. Also, look at us taking the words of a known liar at face value as the only evidence to slam her ex-boyfriend! No vendetta there!

Skipping ahead:

The fact that the review she was accused of “buying” doesn’t exist hasn’t slowed the self-righteous haranguing, of course. That’s because the “ethics” question is a paper-thin excuse for what’s really going on, which is that the video game world is thick with misogynists who are aching to swarm on any random woman held up for them to hate, no matter what the pretext.

Yes, friends, let’s listen to Amanda here. She has read the minds of all of us misogynists, and has made two important conclusions. One is that because the reviewer Zoe fucked didn’t actually write the review of her game (though he did favorably mention it) it means that Zoe committed no wrongs that have to do directly…like, say, fucking the man who would then hire her as a developer! But hey, no bigs, her ex-boyfriend is totally sure that he hired her because she deserved it!

The other conclusion the amazing brain of Amanda Marcotte managed to glean is that evilly-evil men don’t need a pretext to hate women, they just hate. How does she know this? Well, she thinks their pretext is bad! Therefore, profit!

So Marcotte goes through a few other feminists who claimed men were being horrible to them. There’s Sarkeesian, who managed to leverage men on online forums (and one idiot defacing her wikipedia page…I know Vox Day has had to edit his a few times) insulting her into 120,000 dollars.  The supposed horrible misogynist internet managed to raise twice what she asked for because she cried foul.

There’s Janelle Assellin, who first claims that when men disagree with her it’s because of misogyny. She gets rape threats sent to her through some online questionnaire, which is the apparent equivalent of barraging her with abuse and rape threats. Given that they all occurred in a very specific place at a very specific time, it seems more likely that a group of people got together and decided to mess with her but hey, barraged by abuse and rape threats sounds better. A feminist artist named Dina Karam had people…learn stuff about her and ask questions? Say negative things that also had to do with her sex (GASP!!!)?

There’s some blather about video game characters raping each other, which is nothing new and anybody who has ever heard of teabagging knows a little bit about it (you really don’t think the people behind teabagging wouldn’t find it funny to actually “Go all the way” with a female character?).

So blah blah blah last sentence:

And that is why, no matter how much they might convince themselves that they’re in the right, their bile is only convincing outsiders that they are nothing more than a bunch of haters who are scared of sharing their toys with the girls

…And then, we learn about the corrupt journalists in bed with each other deciding specifically what stories to release on what days about which games and which people. Totally because they’re just haterzzzz.

Ahhhhhh, Amanda Marcotte. Well, she gave me something to do for awhile, anyway.

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How to Deal with the New “Yes Means Yes” Law

Don’t fornicate.

The end!

It amazes me how quickly Christians, and some people who I am genuinely convinced are good Christians (meaning sincere and more or less orthodox), refuse or forget to consider the obvious Christian solution to the problem. And in the manosphere especially this is a general theme I see. Why are we bemoaning the difficulty of fornicating successfully on college campuses when the solution is not only right under our noses but scripturally mandated? It boggles the mind.

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