So Perfect You’d have to create it

Over the last four or so days I:

  • Planned the next short story in the horror fiction podcast I’m a part of
  • Applied to at least six different jobs
  • Spent hours over the weekend planning for my current job in the week ahead
  • On Monday, worked that job all day
  • Began serious discernment at a third order religious group
  • Spend every night making sure I am properly prepared for my job the rest of the week

And yes, in between all of that I even made time to comment in a thread where I called someone out for saying my generation was made up of lazy whiners who don’t want to do work and whose problems are imaginary, and whose only real beef with the prior generations is that they were raised to be weak. I called this out as contemptuous, insulting, lacking in compassion and un-Christian punching down at a generation. Because it absolutely is.

Today, I was finally told that I “spen[t] countless hours the last three or four (three?) days doing exactly what I accused your generation doing. You could have spent that time constructively – but you whined and complained how hateful [I] thought others were being.”

This is such a perfect response, if it wasn’t made to me I’d have to make it up. This is a person who had *no clue* what I did during the day. I carry a phone with me, responding is something that really takes me seconds in between the tons of other things I do. Heck, it’s why I made so many typos. But because I wouldn’t let the issue drop, in between the *many other things I did*, it meant I was just another typical whiny millennial. I didn’t use my time constructively, even if I could have! I just “whined and complained” the whole time!

But you know. I’m a millennial. And people don’t really see millennials. They see their assumptions with millennials.

An Opinion and a Question » John C. Wright’s Journal (

Read the thread if you like. RJ – if you are reading this – I don’t hate you, brother. But to quote you – on this topic, you stink.

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3 Responses to So Perfect You’d have to create it

  1. Rudolph Harrier says:

    From RJ’s repeated references to Vietnam, it’s safe to say that he’s a baby boomer. And boomers generally have two blind spots:

    -First, they generally will view their own generation as an actual generation (worth praising) but deny that they are criticizing other generations, or even that they are discussing other generations at all (as opposed to criticizing “lazy kids”). I really don’t understand why this is, unless it is an effect of the narcissism which is common in the generation, but you see it time and time again in conversations about different generations. You can see this with RJ himself do this when he denies dismissing millennials, to the point of denying the concept of generational analysis, but takes credit for the hard work and wartime sacrifices of his generation.

    -Second, boomers are absolutely infamous for not understanding that the things that worked for them no longer work in the modern world. The boomer who says that all you need is a part time job at a construction site to make it through college, ignoring the huge increase in tuition prices and the fact that their old construction company is mainly hiring illegal immigrants now. The boomer who blames parents for not letting their kids play outside without supervision, ignoring the higher crime rates and the fact that the lack of community cohesion means the neighbors won’t keep an eye on kids who aren’t their own. And so on.

    There’s a reason that every single generation after the boomers dislikes them. (Not to say that there aren’t good people in the boomer generation, but when generational discussions come up they are generally the most insufferable).

    • RJ claims to be Gen X. Though he did once say that being called a boomer is a “slur”, for whatever that’s worth.

      • Rudolph Harrier says:

        Yeah, I see that he’s said he’s Gen X several times now so I’ll take his word on it.

        Generally I’ve found that Gen Xers don’t complain much about younger generations (maybe because the only times that anyone mentions Gen X at all is to criticize it). They’ll talk more than anyone about the evils of Boomers of course, but generally they aren’t too hard on the Millennials and Zoomers. For example if you search Vox Day’s blog for “millennial” most of the results are more about Millennials growing up in a fundamentally changed America rather than attacking Millennials directly (and more of the page titles in the results reference Boomers than Millennials).

        But there are exceptions in every generation.

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