The Global Warming Zone, Part Whatever: The news is good

Okay. Now I’m just some guy. I’m no effort. But I’ve been paying attention and come from the 2nd hardest hit state in the country.

So I want to make something really, really clear:

If anybody describes what is happening in the southern states using the same language as they used describing NYC and NJ, your alarm bells should go off. You are being duped.

Look, I keep saying this, and I’m no epidemiologist, but I have been looking closely at this for awhile and feel confident saying this: the rising cases in the South are a good thing.

Once more, for those in the back: Rising cases are a good thing.

Risng cases *with rising deaths* are a bad thing. But stop and think about this for a moment. Seriously. Really think.

How do you get rid of most viruses?

They get a bunch of people sick until eventually there’s nobody left.

Most of the time we don’t give this much mind. It happens.

This year, we got a 1957 level – actually, less percentag-wise – infection, which is unfortunate but ultimately considering your odds of getting the disease at those numbers as well as it’s less than 1% death rate and commonly asymptomatic effects, it is nothing to get panicked over.

There is precedent: 1957 America did not panic and it became a footnote in history. Nobody that I have found seriously believes they should have locked down. It was just a bad flu year and they left it at that; they were a bit more than 30 years past the spanish flu after all. A lot of survivors were still alive; in comparison this must have felt inconsequential.

In America it seemed to be on pace to kill roughly 50,000 or so people (going by Fauci dropping to 65 and liberal counting methods), but tragically it swept through nursing homes thanks to incredibly bungled preventative measures, DeBlasio and Cuomo being the biggest culprits of this debacle. Take them out and we cut the number of deaths by anything from 40 to 50% – and this would be barely noticed.

Now the south is opening up, and cases are rising. Except they aren’t incompetents: (meaning, run by democrats): this time it isn’t sweeping the nursing homes. So cases rise, but among regular people and not sick old people, making it a regular cold that affects very unlikely people badly, you know, like a regular cold.

In any other year if something like this happened nobody would even notice.

The only recourse left is to argue the overpopulated hospitals are leading to serious problems. This little siren song has been claimed since the beginning, and never been close to true. If it is really true, then we should see all cause deaths from other illnesses rising sharply.

But it isn’t happening! All cause deaths are dropping! Guess the hospitals are handling it fine after all.

Yet still, using rising cases as a justification, places are being restricted again. This is a mistake; all it does is slow down the herd immunity, herd immunity that is demonstrably spreading in the exact sort of way we’d want, if we really want herd immunity.

Can you imagine a governor making this statement, when asked to close things down?:

“Given that all cause deaths have continued dropping at a regular pace, I see no reason to slow down herd immunity or bankrupt businesses, ruin livelihoods, and increase domestic violence and suicides. Thus, our state shall remain open for the foreseeable future until such a time as increased deaths force us to reconsider.”

No, of course not. It’s unimaginable.

Maybe you disagree. Maybe the rising cases spook you into preferring a lockdown. Okay, fine. Well and good.

But please, please remember this. Beat it into your brain:

Any time you hear someone talk about the south in the same manner as they talked about the north, *you are having the wool pulled over your eyes*.

It’s simply, provably not true.

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