The Global Warming Zone, Some Big Number: It’s amazingly obvious

I think it is important, vitally so, that at least SOME of us don’t forget the sequence of events here.

Remember: NONE OF THESE ARE CONSPIRACIES. They are facts that were presented to the public

Claim: Fauci said 100,000 to 200,000 deaths, and he was right!

Truth: This is a highly misleading half-truth, at best. First, it is far from clear we hit 100,000 dead, and I doubt it. Second and more importantly, it is indeed true Fauci said that.

Fauci also said it would be 85,000 dead. Then he said it was 65,000 dead. Then it jumped back up again to 86,000, then back in the 100,000 range.

The other important point: Those changing numbers are a joke. Models don’t work like that. Fauci didn’t “update it with new information”, he was flat wrong and kept changing his predictions until he became right.

I don’t do the work of finding links, because 1) I’m lazy and 2) I’m venting more than trying to convince people. However, I invite anybody who disputes this to do their best to prove it. I promise to update accordingly.

Claim: Cases are rising. This is very bad news and things are getting out of control.

Truth: This is one of the more ridiculous claims to me. Remember discussions about herd immunity? And whether we should try that one out as a strategy to eliminate the disease?

This is literally the best possible scenario if you want herd immunity. It is literally ideal. The more people get the virus, the more become immune: A very good thing. If those people getting sick aren’t dying, this means that we’re getting the benefits of herd immunity with very little drawback.

And don’t even try with no “increased hospitalizations”. See previous post: We already know that’s not even close to true.

Claim: If you don’t wear a face covering or mask you don’t care about other people and are disgusting; it may be a good idea to keep them permanently. We know this because doctors and the CDC said so.

Truth: Up until only a few weeks ago there was a debate raging over whether masks did anything or were a good idea at all, and several doctors and scientists claiming they were actively harmful. The change to “masks are necessary and will make infections drop 80%” (look that one up) only arose when masks became publicly mandated.

I’m not gonna bother looking up old articles, which are hard to find, but I will show you an anecdotal point: leftist and coronavirus panic-supporter Randall Munroe admitting that the greatest value of homemade masks was that they reminded people not to get close to each other (and remember, the CDC only recommends cloth, that is, homemade, masks). Do I even need to explain why this is absolutely ridiculous justification for mandatory masks, possibly permanently, enforced by the rule of law? I hope not.

So: When I say “It’s amazingly obvious”, what I mean is “It is amazingly obvious that we have been repeatedly mislead about this virus”. Again, all of what I say here is not conspiracy theorizing or some sort of statistical analysis only able to be understood and explained by folks like Dr. Briggs. These were the sorts of things THE PUBLIC WAS TOLD BY OFFICIALS, until they pretended they didn’t.

And the pretending actually worked! That’s the amazing thing.

This is what fear does to you, people. When you willfully stop thinking, it’s always Year 0. And let’s not overlook the role of public education in this trainwreck either.

Just wash your damn hands so you’re not all gross. But you can stop sanitizing the door knobs now. It’s time – and has been for awhile.

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1 Response to The Global Warming Zone, Some Big Number: It’s amazingly obvious

  1. Aethelfrith says:

    They got what they wanted. Social control achieved.

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