The Global Warming Zone, Part Eleventy-Billion: Scattered thoughts at the ending

As always, I won’t post links; you can dispute me if you believe I said something wrong. This isn’t cutting edge commentary, just scattered thoughts.

Bullet points!

. It’s over. Deaths have dropped to next to nothing, DESPITE the increased testing leading to rising cases

. We need to discuss something important here: That cases are rising and deaths are not is A) A good thing and B) Proof that this was always a crock.


  1. Rising cases with no deaths is basically the best case scenario for getting herd immunity
  2. Why is this happening now when more people were dying before?

    The answer is obvious: Because coronavirus was pretty much only a major threat to nursing home residents. To anyone else, it was a normal cold that occasionally got bad. If it hadn’t swept through nursing homes we wouldn’t even be talking about this. Now states are opening, people are out and about getting mild colds, but getting tested for it. This is why cases are rising, but surprise! MOST – obviously not all, I am not an idiot – people who get a cold are fine. Some are even asymptomatic. It’s not something worth getting fussed over.
  3. What does this tell us? That the way we handled this was a massive failure, an utter debacle. I still think we’re probably below 100,000 deaths; Stephen Crowder estimated we were around 90,000. Still, this is higher than I thought. Why?

    Because there was basically ONE demographic that needed to be protected, and only in one, relatively small, area of the country, and we failed them completely. Blame De Blasio, if you’d like. Not only that, the lockdown was totally and utterly unnecessary, a complete waste of time; as the rising cases are proving, literally all we had to do was avoid sick old people for a few months. And instead we put sick people in nursing homes and locked the rest of the population in their homes, and pretended it was for our own good.

. But, there is good news. The media is trying – oh are they trying, so very, terribly hard – to drum up panic about the reopening states. It isn’t working; they’re still re-opening. People are tired of it. There’s even talk of Trump ending the emergency. I say again, it’s over, or at least, it’s ending. I mean obviously states should just completely open up immediately and people act normally again – but we take what we can get.

. On that note, I stand by my contention that Trump handled this horribly – it’s insane he still hasn’t fired Fauci – and still handled this better than virtually anybody else we could have had in office.

. Our country and academia are too far gone to examine this as the debacle it was, but hopefully the few intelligent folks left will look at this in years to come and call it what it really was: The coronavirus panic of 2020.

. To pivot: It is remarkable to observe the whiplash people have had about masks. It’s now a crusade – despite mere weeks ago everybody questioning if masks were even a good idea. Now, if you don’t wear masks, you apparently lack basic courtesy for your fellow man and are one of the reasons cases are increasing.

Weeks! After health organizations were *openly admitting* the benefits were questionable *at best*, and some authorities even explicitly advising against them! It’s awe-inspiring to behold.

Anyway, wash your hands folks. But not because of kung flu. You should do it anyway – let’s not be gross.

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2 Responses to The Global Warming Zone, Part Eleventy-Billion: Scattered thoughts at the ending

  1. Aethelfrith says:

    This isn’t ending. The oligarchs crave the power we unquestioningly gave them. If the fatalities don’t pile up faster than they want, they’ll release a true superweapon.

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