The Global Warming, Perspective, Part 13.5 – What I think we should do

If you were wondering. If not, hey don’t read.

  1. Stop interpreting deaths as liberally as possible and count them in a common sense way. Specifically, any changes made after Fauci’s infamous model are ridiculous.
  2. The original one month “lesser” shutdown was a good idea and worth doing. I have heard anecdotally something like it was done in the 57′ pandemic though I couldn’t find a source.
  3. Once it became clear this was all ludicrously overblown and no models were accurate, open up the vast majority of the country. Keep the shutdown on in areas hit worse than normal, like the metro area. This new red, yellow, green county system makes some sense.
  4. Don’t worry when the cases rise. Maybe, with the new liberal counting methods, they’ll hit 100,000. Maybe 200,000. Or maybe not. From a historical perspective, as detailed in part 13, that would make this a lesser pandemic than the 1967 flu nobody talks about.
  5. Quarantine the nursing homes and hospitals – not that it matters now since they’ve all been hit

What will happen under the Malcolm the Cynic plan:

Cases will rise for a bit, then when the spring breaks they’ll drop like a rock. How much they’d rise is anyone’s guess and depends largely on how it’s counted. Could be anywhere from 70,000 deaths to 200,000 deaths. Also depends on when spring hits. Unfortunate it’s late this year.

200,000 deaths would almost certainly be a highly inaccurate number and not close to the actual death count. Actually 70,000 would almost definitely be high, considering that’s based on the liberal counting going on *right now*.

The important thing to note: 200,000 to 300,000 – an incredibly high number compared to what’s happening now we would almost certainly not reach even in the Malcolm the Cynic scenario – would be disappointingly high and sadly lead to more deaths than a normal flu season. It would also be a middling and barely worth commenting about epidemic compared to other epidemics historically and not even close to something we should shut down the economy for.

It would be easily ignored in day to day life and mostly affect nursing homes. If the media didn’t report deaths incessantly every single day we would all be told to wash our hands and use common sense hygienic advice, and the world would keep spinning.

So, as always folks: Wash your hands.

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1 Response to The Global Warming, Perspective, Part 13.5 – What I think we should do

  1. Aethelfrith says:

    Of course, none of these things you prescribe will ever happen* because NONE OF THIS IS ABOUT A VIRUS. It is a planned implosion of the economic system for the sake of ushering in the latest iteration of the Enlightenment Humanist Utopia.

    *unless free men wake up, take up arms and execute every Democrat, globalist and socialist.

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