The Global Warming Zone: Part 12 – The Red Herring Zone

I’ve noticed something that I think it’s important to address: The Red Herrings.

All of the stats and numbers you see being thrown around?

99% of them are irrelevant.

These are the important questions:

  1. How many people were we told were going to die as a result of this virus, at each step of this whole debacle?
  2. How many people have actually died?
  3. How many of those predictions have been close to right?
  4. How many people have been affected and died compared to past pandemics?
  5. Have hospitals been overwhelmed or close?

The answers:

  1. I’ve already linked to the model lists in past articles. I’m lazy, you can find them yourselves. The answer: A whole, whole lot of people
  2. Way, way less than those models claimed
  3. Pretty much none
  4. Let’s sing the 1967 flu song!
  5. No.

Let’s add 6: Has there been any evidence, any at all, that things were going to be bad as claimed?

Answer: Absolutely not. All we had were models. And the outcome of models reflects what is put into them. There was no evidence because what they were saying would happen hadn’t happened yet.

So: The models have never at any point been close to right and the coronavirus pandemic has been fairly pedestrian compared to past pandemics. The reasons we were given to shut down were wrong from the start, based on wrong assumptions and inconsistent, constantly changing data. There was never any good justification for creating a 20% unemployment rate, spiking suicide rates, and destroying thousands or  maybe millions of people’s lives.

The end. That’s it. That’s all that mattered. Never has what has actually been happening justified this, never have the models being used to guide our behavior been close to right, and nobody should have been worrying.

This is it. This is the only information that matters. If anybody tries to distract you with any other statistics that’s a red herring.

Wash your hands.

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