The Global Warming Zone, Part 12.5: In which I’m sort of wrong but not really

So deaths in the U.S. hit 50,000.

Now, I predicted between 20 and 50 thousand deaths…so that’s wrong.

Except it’s not and we all know it right? While in the middle of the pandemic the numbers were changed to count pneumonia deaths as COVID deaths, causing a jump. And Birx admitted we were one of the most liberal nations in the world in terms of counting corona deaths. So probably we’re below 50,000 in terms of how they were counting it when Fauci released his first predictions, which is, after all, what I was going off of. How far below is anyone’s guess.

And of course I said I’d admit I was wrong and it was overblown if it hit 100,000 deaths…which still probably won’t happen. But at this point, who really knows how we’re counting numbers?

I’m going to give you another prediction. I said it before, but it was sandwiched between longer predictions: When the weather breaks, cases and deaths will drop like a rock. Then we’ll get to witness the spectacle of fumbling politicians trying to take credit for what is clearly going to be nature taking its course.

If this looks like I’m trying to deflect criticism, well, I don’t know what to tell you. I’m not the one loosening criteria. I’m not the one saying we’re one of the most liberal countries in the world in terms of counting death. If you want to hold me to a standard the government isn’t holding, that’s your prerogative, but I submit you’re being unfair.

Remember: To hit the numbers, percentage-wise, of the 1967 flu we’d need to hit over 300,000 deaths.

As always, a friendly reminder: Wash your damn hands.

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5 Responses to The Global Warming Zone, Part 12.5: In which I’m sort of wrong but not really

  1. Joseph Moore says:

    Neil Ferguson, the guy behind the model, recently said about deaths being attributed to COVID 19 actually being from other causes:

    “It might be as much as half or two thirds of the deaths we see, because these are people at the end of their lives or have underlying conditions so these are considerations”

    British doctors are required to list COVID 19 if it’s even suspected of being present, because it is classified as a plague like the Black Death or Mad Cow Disease…

    I’m in the same boat: I was betting on a much lower number, but, now, as the goalpost dance the tango, hard to say. So I’m changing it up a bit: there won’t be 60K deaths above the UN estimate of 8.88% of the population at year end. Unless of course a way is found to doctor that, too….

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