The Global Warming Zone: Part 11

Sorry guys, this time you’re just getting some schmuck’s commentary. I don’t have any new stats for you. But hey, it’s my blog. You don’t like it you don’t need to read.

So as I said, I am at the point where I genuinely don’t think there is a remotely good argument that this isn’t an overreaction. The problem is a lack of historical perspective, of course.

We should open up again. Maybe more limited in certain areas, like the metro area, but the majority of the country should open. Yes, cases will jump. *So what?* If it hits 200,000 (it absolutely won’t) it STILL wouldn’t be that bad. The 1967 flu is a dead horse at this point, but: The 1967 flu. To reach the percentages of that flu, over 300,000 people would need to die. And that isn’t even going to come close to happening. Maybe if we open up we’ll actually hit 100,000 deaths (we won’t). Again, *so what*? That’s bad, but it isn’t destroy-the-economy bad. It’s particularly poor flu season bad.

“But it will overwhelm the hospitals!”

Oh, come on. Are we still on that? Look around you. The hospitals are not even close to overwhelmed. We have plenty of supplies. And they won’t *be* overwhelmed.

Also, wait for the warm weather. Mark my words (not that I’m particularly profound or original – I get everything from other people): When the weather finally breaks and Spring hits properly, cases will drop like a rock. We may end up lower than the 60,000 currently promised (and who would be surprised at that at this point?). We’ll see how people react after that; it’ll certainly be interesting. The right wing that’s noticed the fraud tends to believe DOOOOOOOOM but I’ll refrain from calling that. Things will go as they go; hopefully well.

Other notes:

I know I mentioned this already, but Dr. Feser’s “That the epidemiologists are wrong is no reason not to trust them” is truly baffling to me. If not being even close to right about anything isn’t a reason not to trust them, I can only conclude we should have blind faith because they call themselves “experts”. This is obviously absurd and I doubt Dr. Feser would accept this logic about other issues.

Anyway, the way I see it, the “debate” over the issue is over, and quite obviously so no less. Stop pretending it’s the end world.

Wash your damn hands.

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