The Global Warming Zone: Part 10

Things are actually looking up.

I know the standard play among the right wing – see Sarah Hoyt, who I very much respect – is to talk about how we’re all DOOOOOOMED because of government overreach. But there are encouraging signs. Throughout the country, protests are breaking out. Slowly, very slowly, restrictions are starting to be pulled back. Following Trump publicly showing a lack of faith in Fauci he and Birx have started to walk back their DOOOOOOOOOM predictions. You get the occasional “Roll back restrictions and we’re all gonna die” articles, but less and less people are buying it.

Of course, as many are pointing out, whenever restrictions are lessened the case rate spikes. This is going to be true. So what? There aren’t that many deaths. Once again, if we hit 100,000 deaths – we won’t – we are still going to be around 200,000 or so behind the nobody-remembers-it 1967 flu, percentage-wise. So open up the economy, let the cases jump for a week or so before they calm down again (it’ll be for like a week, we’re well into the downswing at this point – even in NYC).

And again, we’re months in now, and NJ STILL does not have an epidemic. The metro area does – an epidemic that is STILL not overwhelming hospitals, despite the dire predictions. NJ has a cold. The percentage of Warren County, NJ citizens infected is… .55%.

It has 44 deaths. 0.04%. MONTHS into this.

Believe it or not, I was all in with Trump right up until he extended the shutdown a month. That was wrong. Now let’s course correct. Time to open things up. Again, cases will go up. So what? It still won’t be THAT bad compared to the devastation being caused by this shutdown.

One of my best friends just got married via livestream. His commentary today on the PA protests?

“They’re the reason” he had to livestream his wedding. So people need to “Shut the fuck up” and stay home.

You heard it here first folks. Sit down, shut up, stop questioning things. The government knows best, and I know they’re right because they said so. No dissent is to be brooked.

Meanwhile, the CDC is broadening its guidelines, Birx is openly admitting the way we count deaths is among the most liberal in the world, and we’re still underperforming Fauci’s predictions.

Remember how he said the best case scenario if everybody did as they were told and locked down was 100,000 deaths? Has anybody noticed that not only are we below that, everybody isn’t even doing as they’re told?

And still, Murphy is telling us things aren’t going back to normal until June or July.


I knew June. He and Cuomo were always going to hold on until June. But July. And then the Fall will hit and another wave will come. And then we’ll shut down again.

Or not. The signs are good; people are getting tired of it, and forcing governments to acknowledge them.

What will happen next? Who knows? But no need to be black pill about it.

And wash your damn hands.

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3 Responses to The Global Warming Zone: Part 10

  1. Aethelfrith says:

    Maybe Birx is realizing that the more she makes shit up, the more an angry mob is going to hang her by all those gaudy scarves she loves to wear.

  2. Rudolph Harrier says:

    Something else to consider for the “Global Warming Zone:”

    The rationale for the shutdown almost everywhere was to “flatten the curve.” That is, the reasoning was that without a vaccine there would be no way to prevent the total number of deaths caused by the disease, but that our biggest danger was that the disease would hit us quickly in large enough numbers that hospitals would be overwhelmed. Therefore we needed to lockdown to slow the spread. This wouldn’t prevent Coronavirus deaths, but would instead prevent other deaths that would be caused from people suffering from other conditions not being able to get medical care due to the increased demand for services caused by the Coronairus.

    Well guess what? We flattened the curve, at least in the majority of the country. In Minnesota we never even approached our maximum capacity. In fact, local hospitals are so far from being overwhelmed that they are furloughing around a third of their employees, including doctors and nurses. Meanwhile we still can’t get vital checkups. Because that would put too much strain on the medical system, you see.

    But note now that outside of the health world, basically no one is talking about the threat of overwhelming the hospitals. The issue is being talked about entirely in terms of the number of deaths. When people compare areas with lockdowns versus those without they compare the number of deaths and consider the lockdowns a success if the number of people who died in the lockdowned areas is lower per capita. This despite the fact that the very rationale used for the lockdowns did NOT claim to prevent deaths, but merely to spread them out, so we should be comparing total death totals across the year (when those are available at the end of the year), not the current death totals. If the very models used to justify the lockdowns are accurate, we should see a higher initial death rate without lockdowns, followed by a much lower death rate (since mainly the very vulnerable will die, and they can’t die twice). But this is not how people are doing the comparisons.

    Even 22 million people out of work can be brushed aside with “well, 2.2 million people could have died” (despite that claim being based on models that cannot be considered slightly accurate that this point).

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