The Global Warming Zone: Part 2

Restrictions Are Slowing Coronavirus Infections, New Data Suggests

Now for those of you reading Dr. Briggs, his current guess – which he emphasizes is an educated guess – based on the data is that we’re at about the peak of things right now.

But sure, it’s the restrictions. The ones that weren’t strict enough two days ago. The ones that would lead to things “on the downswing” by June.

Remember: The LOW NUMBER is 100,000 dead.

Don’t forget.

Wash your hands.

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1 Response to The Global Warming Zone: Part 2

  1. Aethelfrith says:

    Things are coming to a point.

    We have been living in an unreality bubble for decades, inflated by a symphony of lies and enforced by diverse means of violence–whether by NGO-funded rioters, or “charitable usury” (hello World Bank) or even the full military might of the USA.

    We don’t know the full extent of the lethality of this epidemic because everyone, I assume, is lying and everyone has a vested interest in promoting their particular untruth, whether the virus is the second coming of the black death, or a chest cold by a more exotic name.

    The panic and the gaslighting has been so intense in the past few weeks that coughing has been equated to attempted murder. And even devout traditional Catholics have been clamoring to have all the Sacraments suspended. I kid you not–one even told me that going to a confessional is tantamount to suicide.

    Does this remind anyone of the accusation of murder by calling a transgender woman a “he?”

    I think things are coming to a point where if you dare stand up to the Lie, satan and his thralls will find a way to kill you. I say, let us strengthen in our faith so when that time comes, we can offer our lives as sweet incense unto the Lord.

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