On Banning

I can’t believe I have to write this because this blog is so tiny, but apparently I’m a jerk and rub people the wrong way enough it sometimes is necessary. Sorry about that. It’s one of the reasons I stopped using this blog for months.

If you are dishonest, you’re banned. I might make exceptions if I like you because it’s my blog and I can do what I want. But this is the reason I am announcing Elostirion is banned, along with insulting me.

An example of dishonesty is claiming that me saying I’m “slightly worried” equates to me believing that if my grandmother dies my thoughts will shift to how I’ll get a new car.

Only a dishonest man could possibly read my posts this way, since it is very, very clear I am not worried about the virus any more than I was originally, but rather government overreach. If anything I am LESS worried about the virus, and my own predictions may in fact be overestimates.

This has nothing to do with my grandmother getting the virus. It had to do with my opinion on the Trump administration, which I admit to changing, because every decision up to the point Trump extended the shutdown another month and said 100,000 people were gonna die was absolutely correct.

He is still doing better than most of the world and seems to genuinely want to actually get us up and running again, which is why I am only slightly worried. I don’t even mind what Governor Murphy has done very much, considering my state – rather, a section of it – IS one of those hotzones I’ve talked about.

If my grandmother died of the virus, I would be horribly sad. It wouldn’t affect a “new car”. And yes, the money is meant to be used for groceries and necessities. No duh, Sherlock. My comment on TrumpBucks was tongue in cheek. Also it is completely unconnected to Andrew Yang, which is more dishonesty.

Incidentally my grandmother is in her 80’s and lives in Bergen County, meaning she is in fact quite susceptible to the virus and I am very concerned. I hope that she stays inside and avoids interacting with people, since I can hold two thoughts in my head at once.

And lastly yes, I might be wrong and one day admit I am worried about the virus. This is precisely why I gave a straight answer to the question “What would be enough to make you admit you were wrong”. The answer is, if we reach 100,000 deaths in America I will admit I  was wrong and should have been worried, as that is the honest thing to do.

Since I don’t have a business blog and am not paying for it, the only sort of banning I can do is delete his comments when he makes them. Sometimes I’ll forget because this blog is much less important to me than the articles I write for Castalia House; a new one went up today if you want to check it out, by the way.

So I ask my readers to please avoid responding to Elostirion and only bring him up if you want to remind me to delete his comments. Obviously you aren’t obligated and I don’t expect you to do so. It’s probably easier to just ignore him.

So, new rule: Lying or bring dishonest in less direct ways is a bannable offense. Insulting me isn’t immediately bannable, but don’t push it, and if I’m in a bad mood it might be. This shouldn’t be something I need to say, but apparently it is a problem I need to deal with. Sorry.

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1 Response to On Banning

  1. Chad says:

    I think wordpress does let you ban even if you don’t pay and its not commercial. I remember doing so when I was blogging

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