No, I’m not Worried: Part 7.5

So those Chinese cell phones…

I’m not impressed by the whole thing. In a totalitarian government there are all sorts of creative solutions you can come up with that don’t involve “hiding millions of deaths”. And all of the other evidence they try to cram into this theory also sounds awfully circumstantial.

Even so, I’m reasonably sure China is hiding deaths; who knows how much. It doesn’t concern me particularly as to the future.

I’ll put it this way: Assuming the worst case scenario, with China hiding millions of deaths, considering the patterns we are seeing around the world that just means China botched things so horribly they accelerated the disease in a way unlike anything we’ve seen in every other part of the world.

As it turns out, I live in one of those other parts of the world. So let’s see what happens from there.


As I said, I’m not worried.

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7 Responses to No, I’m not Worried: Part 7.5

  1. The Impoverished Lasts says:

    My coworker’s 92 year old mother died last week.
    She has been under psychiatric care since he was a young boy. Then along with all of the medical problems she had later in life.
    She wasn’t well and hadn’t been for a long time.
    Well, when she died he told us at work that they noted “Coronavirus” as one of the causes.
    He’s not the skeptic that I am with the Corona panic-demic… but he asked the doctor why that was included as a cause of death.
    He said she’s had no symptoms of having any virus… and that they’ve expected this day to come for some time now.
    They told him it was simply because she was in a nursing home when she died and that they have to err on the side of being cautious.

    Err on the side of conjuring up reasons for death?

  2. John says:

    About the Chinese cell-phone argument, there are several points to make:

    1) The amount of cell-phones shut down are from the entirety of China, not just a few provinces. So the virus must have hit all the other parts of the country where cell-phones were shut down as well. But we don’t have any evidence of that, so we can only say China is hiding all of these other areas

    2) Even more importantly, a death rate of 21 million compared to the actual population of China yields a death rate of just 1.5 percent. One of the lowest death rates in the world from coronavirus.

    So the Chicken Littles are wrong in panicking about this as if it were proof of the apocalypse.

    • John says:

      Oops! Made a mistake in 3)!

      The death rate of 1,5% is relative to the total population in China, not the total amount of virus infections. If we compare it to Italy, the death rate compared to the total population is 0,0167%.

      So there goes that argument…

      However, this does show that the death rates compared to the population rates are extremely small – we’re not dealing with a Black Plague – and that the amount of deaths in China is for some reason is WAY larger than in any other part of the world. Italy has probably the most deaths out of anywhere, yet the population-to-death ratio is smaller than that of China. The same goes for the rest of the world, where the number of deaths is smaller and the populations are either larger or about similar.

      • This all strikes me as yet another panic-driven leap.

        Why do we think loss of cell phones means mass death? Uh, well, there was also a Chinese disease going around. As if we could ignore all of the context surrounding THAT and use ONLY the cell phones as our valid data point.

        Oh, and urns! Lots of urns! Totalitarian governments are always known for their courtesy of carefully preserving the ashes of the dead.

      • But remember, it is the height of cowardice and a loss of resolve if Trump doesn’t put millions out of work for months on the grounds that this will magically morph into another Spanish flu.

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