We are in the worst case scenario

I don’t even know what to say about this.

The implications of it are almost too horrifying to even write out.

Pray, pray, pray, folks, and pray some more.

Catholics, remember St. Catherine of Siena and her role in getting the pope to move back to Rome from Avignon. Start sending letters. Ask Francis to publicly repent and condemn the use of pagan honorifics in the Vatican, and vow to never let it happen again. Ask him to issue an encyclical condemning the use of rituals items for foreign gods in churches (AS IF THAT EVEN NEEDS TO BE SAID!!!!!). Beg God for his forgiveness.

After the Golden Calf incident God sent down a plague. Keep up to date with your shots.

I am starting to think Christ may well return in my lifetime. God chose us to live through this moment in history. Let us be worthy of it.

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9 Responses to We are in the worst case scenario

  1. dpmonahan says:

    It can always be worse. Unless you want to bring back the Theophylacts or Borgias.

    • 100% I would go back to the Borgias. They were bad people; Francis and the higher-ups in the Vatican are acing ritualistic items of a pagan goddess on the Altar of St. Peter during the Mass. It is a far worse scandal.

      • dpmonahan says:

        I suppose it is a matter of taste, I prefer Pope Francis’ Boomer felt-banner crap to having him promote his bastards to the college of cardinals or ordering hits on rival Popes.
        Internet culture primes us to focus on the outrage of now, which we will likely forget when the next outrage comes around.

      • This is not “felt banner crap”. A ritual item of a pagan goddess was placed on the altar at St. Peter’s while a Mass was being said. Along with a lot of other ritualistic items throughout the Vatican – see the video below.

        I was pretty level-headed on the outrage. This is far, far worse than “Pope says who am I to judge” or “Pope is ambiguous on commumion after divorce”.This is frightening, a sickening blasphemy, and I believe we are about to face some terrible judgment if we don’t beg God to spare us.

    • An excellent, if chilling, video. I have written a letter to Pope Francis asking him to publicly denounce what’s happened; join me. Remember St. Catherine of Siena. God works wonders, even in the hearts of men.

    • He is wrong about one thing – Rome may be spared. God said for ten honest men he’d spare Sodom and Gomorrah. It is up for the true faithful to pray. Spread the word.

  2. GJ says:

    The silver lining to evil revealing itself so blatantly is less pretense that ‘this is fine’.

    • GJ says:

      Wow, another big papal brouhahaha.

      pretense that ‘this is fine’.
      The beatings will continue until there is improvement.

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