Notre Dame Lives

Amazing. Mere hours ago French officials were reporting that the Cathedral was likely totally destroyed.

Today, we learn that almost all art and relics are safe. The structure has been saved. The great organ is covered in debris but has no fire and water damage. The facade is safe. The nave has taken near-miraculously little damage.

And, most miraculously of all, ALL THREE of Notre Dame’s rose windows are intact! This ia almost mind-boggling. They were reported as at-risk from the start. There was hope that perhaps one or two could be saved, eith some damage – yet all are intact.

This all seems to be due to two things, the extraordinary efforts of the firefighters and medieval architecture. The stone vaults beneath the wooden roof, designed specifically to protect against fire, amazingly fulfilled their purpose and saved the Cathedral hundreds of years later.

The Cathedral was saved, through a combination of architecture, extraordinary human effort, and divine intervention. What appeared to be a sign of divine judgment might perhaps be the final call for France and Europe to repent. Let’s pray it’s enough.

Pictures later, when I’m not posting through a phone. One can be forgiven thinking all would be lost when one sees the flames. It is extraordinary that the church survived.

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  1. Gloria in excelsis Deo!

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