Let the Dead Stay Dead

Notre Dame has been destroyed, razed to the ground in an act of arson.

Oh? Not arson, you say? So on Monday of Holy week, as Catholic churches have been desecrated throughout France, in the middle of renovations, Notre Dame Cathedral is burnt to the ground. Yeah, sure. Just an accident.

I hope they don’t rebuild it. The one consolation is that with the state of France now, Notre Dame has basically stopped being a true Cathedral and instead become a monument. But it was a monument to Our Lady of France, built out of love for her and love of beauty.

A modern reincarnation would be a monument to tourism and mammon.

There is no point. Mourn her, but leave her alone. Notre Dame is gone, gone forever. And meanwhile?

Vive la revolution.

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2 Responses to Let the Dead Stay Dead

  1. dpmonahan says:

    I had a similar thought at first but rebuilding is probably the best option. The Archbishop of Paris will have a Cathedral and the last thing you want his him building some modern atrocity.

    • Is rebuilding really the best option, though?

      I unfortunately can’t find the tweet or upload the screenshot in the comments, but Macron has promised to rebuild in keeping with the principles of our modern, diverse nation”.

      Your daily dose of cancer came early today!

      At least there’s only so much he can do. The firefighters did a remarkable, even miraculous, job. The Cathedral has survived. It’s just damaged.

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