Not Even If I Tried

Tone deafness is back in the news again. It seems the left has pushed itself ever so slightly too far on the issue of abortion, and have started turning people pro-life again. Going off of personal anecdotes the shift seems to mostly be among people who are sympathetic to rape and life of the mother exceptions but think pro-lifers “Go too far”. I guess when you have politicians on record in favor of infanticide it starts to dawn on you that maybe those crazies were right and the pro-abortion lobby is, in fact, Satanically evil. Go figure.

This next example of tone deafness is new, so I might end up being wrong about this, but I predict that this “Bill that would require older men to report every release of sperm” is going to similarly backfire, though probably not as spectacularly since it isn’t as central in the news cycle.

Nothing can be more indicative of the insane little bubble extreme feminists (re: most modern women and probably at least a small chunk who would consider themselves conservative) live in than equating restrictions on certain types of female birth control, or a refusal to fund them through the government, with making masturbation reporting mandatory.

Actually, I’m being nice. This is in response to the heartbeat abortion bill. This means that leftist women – the men probably don’t actually agree but are too cucked to call them out on the absurdity – are literally equating male orgasms with chopping up and vacuuming a fetus smoothie.

And what else is there to say, really? There are other absurd measures on the “bill”, but if I was going to parody the left wing on abortion I would probably start off by pretending they equated masturbation with baby slicing and dicing and go from there.

It will be interesting how much of the public reacts to this with “These women are coocoo for cocoa puffs” and how many react with “Slay, girl, SLAY!!!” Well, we know they’re in favor of slaying, anyway.

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1 Response to Not Even If I Tried

  1. Forget the sperm thing, get feminists to think about child support. After all, if the father has no input on whether the child lives or dies, then it’s at the whim of the mom whether he is made a wage slave for 18 years. Propose paper abortions and It will be entertaining how quickly their arguments start to sound like pro-lifers.

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